5 Cool Things You Can Do With Instagram On Your iPhone

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Instagram On Your iPhone

There are now many apps designed to keep iPhone users busy with their device, among which is photo sharing apps and networks. With a user database of more than 4.25 million people, instagram is among the most popular photo sharing network and app available these days. If you want to explore totally new photo-sharing possibilities with your iPhone, or perhaps you are new to instagram, here are some really cool things you can do with this crowd-pulling app.

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Bring the Power of Image to Your Personal Communications

Have followers you value so much and wish you can thank them in a way they will feel and appreciate? Guess what, it is now possible. Instagram comes with an application called the Statigram. When you want to load this service, it will request a username and password; just use your Instagram details here. Then navigate and snapshot the right person for a vote of thanks.

Put a Mark of Personality to Your Photos

There are many photo-editing services you can use to create cool effects with your photos. For your iPhone, you can use Outcolor, Photogene, ArtCamera and many others. These iPhone camera apps will allow you to exactly have your photo with the right graphics and customizations. Have photos of your pets or any other family picture on other photo sharing services like Snapily, Mixbook, Smilebox and others? Why not get them over for some catchy fun on Instagram?

Just download them to the iPhone and the app will take care of the rest.

Identify Your Top Brands and Follow Them

It will surprise you to learn that some top organizations and brands are already rocking it with instagram; speaking of World Health Organization, NBC News, CNN, Starbucks, and even celebs and artists. You can find any brand or group of your choice by searching for their usernames on the app.

Hashtag your Uploads

While hashtag may seem so popular with twitter, it is now making its way into other photo sharing networks as a way of discovering even more shared photos. A lot of people use it to find more fun images while for others it is a way of finding new people or groups to follow. Hashtaging uploads before sharing can enhance their discoverability across any network including facebook, twitter and of course instagram.

Grow Your Instagram Followers

With most photos, people need less explanation to understand it which is why they help to break the language barrier restricting international friendliness. With Instagram, you can follow as a many people as you like despite their background and they have a choice to either follow you back or not. I have gained many friends on Instagram by making serial uploads every Monday morning. My serial uploads are centered on golf sports which is my favorite game.

Hey, the opportunity is limitless. Instagram is growing on daily basis and the good news is, you don’t need a laptop or desktop computer loaded with applications to use it. For most of us, our iPhone is already our second home and Instagram provides us even more photo sharing features without lifting a finger off this device.

10 Responses to “5 Cool Things You Can Do With Instagram On Your iPhone”

  1. Nice review Steven, I just installed Instagram on my android a couple days ago and have only taken two pictures with it. I have to play with it more to see what it does other than use those tree filters. I do like the way you can instantly upload to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I didn’t know you could add any details before uploading until I read this post so I’ll check that out.

  2. Lakshmi Balu says:

    Instagram used for the marketing purpose is quiet an eye opener for me. These tips are rooted and I would follow them for sure! The mobile photography has got so professional with instagram application and my favorite feature is the amazing filters that are a part of this technology that just enhances the quality of the picture taken!

  3. Stefan says:

    And if none of that works for you; you can always just share funny cat pictures.

  4. Amms Villa says:

    I am a newbie in using instagram and I have to admit that these tips will be of much help to me. Thanks a lot for sharing them.

  5. Grant Webs says:

    This is the 3rd blog in 2 days which talks about Instagram. I didn’t know that it was free. I just downloaded it into my iPhone and it kinda looks cool. Have to spend some time with it and see how it works for me.

  6. Aasma says:

    I use instagram for photo uploading but didn’t use it for public sharing, I think it would be quite interesting.

  7. Caroline72 says:

    I do love to share it on my pinterest, I am pretty sure that my friends will love this cool info…

    • Steven Papas says:

      That’s a nice idea Caroline. I am glad you found them interesting. Have you used Instagram on your iPhone for something that wasn’t stated on the post? Don’t hesitate to share with us too.

  8. cathleen says:

    and don’t forget to share your photos on facebook twitter and 4square to gain more followers!

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