10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Make Use of Online Invoicing App

10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Make Use of Online Invoicing App

When everything is going online, why not invoicing! From education to dating, everything is being managed online these days. There must be some reasons behind this! Online operations are more flexible than offline operations. Moreover, people are trying to create paperless office. Online invoicing app would definitely enhance this process.

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Here are some reasons that show why businesses should start using online invoicing app:

  1. It is easy to manage. Once you have installed the app and set a customized template, you do not need to handle anything manually. You just need to enter relevant data to the system – there will be some input boxes where you have to enter the data; the system then automatically generates the invoice by calculating the amounts, tax implications etc.
  2. Online invoicing lets you create invoice from anywhere and anytime. It is no more compulsory to go to your office, access the system and generate the invoice. You just login to your invoicing app account online, create invoice by entering all required data and send it to the client instantly.
  3. By using online invoicing app you can generate invoices in real time; if you are running an ecommerce store, you can integrate it with your invoicing app. As soon as an online buyer purchases something, the system sends all relevant data to the invoicing solution so that an invoice can be generated and sent to the buyer immediately.
  4. 10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Make Use of Online Invoicing App

  5. As you start using online invoicing app, you take a step towards creating a paperless office. You will be generating invoices online; and the invoice will be sent to the clients via email. This significantly reduces the use of paper in your office and cuts the postage cost as well.
  6. If the online invoicing system creates any problem, you can get 24×7 support. On the other hand, if you are not using a web based application, it may take few hours for a representative to visit your office and rectify the errors. This may create a huge problem, especially when you need to generate hundreds of invoices every day.
  7. If you own more than one business and sell different products or services, an online invoicing solution will allow you to create separate templates for each of the products. You can generate customized invoices for each product and service that you offer.
  8. With an online invoicing app you can keep track of your invoices properly. The system will let you fetch data like which invoice is still pending, which one was sent on which date etc. Then you can assess how much amount is due, which all invoices are paid and stuff like that. This is very much important when it comes to maintain accounts. Online invoicing solution handles everything automatically.
  9. Do you want to do business professionally? Then online invoicing app is a must for you. With a suitable solution in place, you can set alerts when a customer delays payment. You can even send an automated alert to the clients who are about to miss or have already missed due dates. This is how a professional company should do business and handle their customers.
  10. If, at any point of time, you need any financial data such as total payment received within a specific time span, total pending amount in a financial year etc. your online invoicing apps can be of immense help. You can access the database from anywhere and generate a report.
  11. By installing a high-end online invoicing app you can assess the growth of your business easily. Since everything is saved online, it lets you generate alerts, reports etc. from anywhere and at anytime. Based on those details you can set your strategy and move ahead.

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9 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Make Use of Online Invoicing App”

  1. Earl says:

    A lot can happen in over a year. Nowadays, there’s so many invoicing apps to choose from. Still, seeing Invoicera in your image tells me, and anyone for that matter, that it’s one of the biggest invoicing applications out there.

  2. Dan says:

    Please have a look at Datamoto ( http://www.datamoto.com ). Datamoto is an online quote, invoicing, billing, accounting, sales order, and purchase order software for small, medium and large businesses. It is very easy to use. It is priced below USD $10. Try it FREE before you decide.

  3. Shifna says:

    what a great article! it’s really informative and innovative. keep us posted with new updates. it’s was really valuable. thanks a lot!!

  4. I am wondering what your thoughts are on the usage of QuickBooks through a Remote Desktop type of interface? Right now I am primarily billing for on-site IT support and QuickBooks integrates nicely with their Intuit Payment Gateway. It is also a big help that my partner is a CPA and therefore receives accountant versions of QuickBooks for us to use.

    I really want to test the water with an e-commerce site in the future along with maybe building an IT Consulting app that keeps track of tickets, purchases, etc. I am unfamiliar with your software though and wonder how it would implement with those ideas.

    Here are a few of my questions if you have time to answer:
    1) Does it integrate with an accounting package?
    2) How might it integrate with other software?

    I would be interested in talking about the software further as I could imagine using your service for customers in the future.

  5. Gunny says:

    Let me know if it available for ipod touch, ipad or iphone?

  6. Andrew Walker says:

    Well, the thing is, when you use it, it’s really easy to monitor how your business doing, even when you’re far from the office.

  7. rhougina says:

    I never thought that an invoice application would be that very helpful in Online Businesses. It is can save you a lot of time and a big save on your budget. I would definitely use this application in my Online Business. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. TrafficColeman says:

    We have been doing this for a while now and i just makes the CPA job that much easier.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

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