Tips and Tricks to Stay Undercover on Internet with VPN

Tips and Tricks to Stay Undercover on Internet with VPN

When going online most people think they are fairly anonymous. They visit websites, login to social media websites, check their email and more without much thought on their virtual footprints. Unfortunately, those surfing without protection, such as provided by a VPN service, are easily tracked. Just what can be seen when you are online?

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Staying Undercover Online

There are companies who want to track your preferences for web surfing, that keep tabs on your purchasing routines, and who even eavesdrop on your opinions. Then, of course, you have the really bad guys who are malicious, out to steal your personal details, track your transactions for ways to steal your identity, and worse! Here are some tips and tricks to stay undercover while you are online.

To start with, be sure you have all of your security in place. Fire walls, anti-virus programs and blockers, and like previously mentioned VPN services on your computer. Virtual Private Networks allow you to connect to a private network that is secure, and that gives you a random IP address so that you cannot be tracked online. Think about all the private information that is stored on your computer for a moment. Things such as passwords to your bank account, credit card numbers, phone numbers and addresses may all be easily accessed if you aren’t protected. Using such a virtual network service can help prevent hackers from getting at your information, as well as stop you from being tracked. You can even use wireless public internet without worrying that your details may fall into the wrong hands.

Besides using VPN services, there is still more that you can do to stay undercover online. Encourage those that use your computer to be very careful what information they are putting online. If you have children at home, do not allow them to post birthdays, addresses, cell phone numbers or other private details on their social media pages. If you are a company with employees, do go over the rules on what is acceptable online behavior while they are at work, and what is not, so as to avoid information leaks.

If you are overseas and want to get around bans (because some countries won’t let you check your Facebook), VPN services also come in handy as they can route your IP address to another country without such bans, while still giving you plenty of speed. This is a great way to stay under cover while having the freedom to do what you want to do online.

There are plenty of ways that you can stay anonymous online. Be sure you have the correct programs installed so that you can surf without worry!

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6 Responses to “Tips and Tricks to Stay Undercover on Internet with VPN”

  1. jackman says:

    Awesome post it shows some value to the entire post and the entire things will be useful For VPN in the sense of using internet thanks for the article.

  2. Kamilla says:

    Changing IP adresses is a great way, but it isn’t a secure connection and it’s usually very slow because of the proxy connection.

  3. John says:

    VPNs are really great for general online privacy but if you’re looking just for privacy when your browsing the web, you can look at a cheaper alternative such as free proxies. There are loads of free proxy list websites out there you can choose from and all you have to do is put it in the internet connection settings of your browser. Of course you can still be tracked by the people who own the proxy.

  4. Sanjib Kumar Saha says:


    This is really appalling. How can someone invade and devastate our privacy. This is why many do not store vital details in email ids and PCs. Thanks a lot for enlightening us about VPN and the service it can offer us to stay safe.

  5. Aasma says:

    There are many free VPN services, which can be used to stay secure your privacy. I have just read an great article on this topic. I’m sure everyone would enjoy to read it.

  6. Jeff says:

    I recently used a VPN service just to try it out. It seems good but can’t really tell if its useful for my part. I just tried a VPN since they were offering privacy when using the internet. But just a tip, after researching through various VPS service, I found out that there are different from each other. Some VPS may claim that they do not keep logs, while others keep records of your activity.
    Do a research first before choosing your VPN service provider.

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