Google Fiber:  Out of This World

Google Fiber: Out of This World

It wasn’t long ago that you had to actually dial a telephone, get up from the sofa to change the channel on your black and white TV, and the closest thing you had to a computer was a calculator. Then a man walked on the moon, and we all asked, “What next?”

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I don’t think any of us were prepared for the techie-wars of the past decade. As soon as a new device, chip, or app is finished and introduced to the public, a new one is rolled out the very next week, making the prior one obsolete. In other words, it seems impossible to stay completely current in the technological market of today.

Google Fiber

However, most of us feel that these technologies illustrate the fact that we have it made—we watch what we want, when we want, and even where we want. The days of fighting over the one TV in the living room are long gone. This then brings us to the all too common question: What’s next? The answer: Google Fiber.

Google Fiber Features Explained

Google Fiber was officially launched July 26 and was made available to residents of Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas. Below are some of the features and the details that give Google Fiber its grand reputation:

  • Google Fiber will be approximately twenty times faster than the fastest Internet service we currently have available. It will be nearly 100 times faster than your average household’s broadband connection.
  • Google Fiber will turn our television sets into interactive, lifelike experiences with crystal clear HD.
  • Google Fiber will include a DVR capable of taping eight programs at a time. The Sea of Family Tranquility will be restored throughout the land.
  • Google Fiber only costs Kansas City residents $70 to $120 for their Internet access. In other words, it’s incredibly affordable.
  • The high speed will allow users to do watch live 3D video and download HD movies in just minutes (as opposed to the usual hours).

Google had been talking about this 1-gigabit network since early in 2010, so it’s no secret that the anticipation has been brewing for quite some time. Now that Google Fiber has launched and has been used by Kansas City residents for nearly one month, it’s safe to say that the launch was a success.

3 Ways Google Fiber will Impact Internet Marketing

Despite the few kinks that Google Fiber still needs to iron out, it is clear that this will be a huge opportunity for Internet marketers and for the world of online marketing in general. A few of these impacts include:

1. Faster = More Desirable

The general public across the globe will be attracted to the new faster speed of Google Fiber. More people surfing the Internet, emailing, and texting translates into increased opportunities for the savvy Internet marketer who is able to increase their production quickly.

Faster = Bigger and Better

A faster Internet will allow for the expansion of the Internet as we know it today. Current sites will become bigger, better, and there will be more of them. The Internet will grow and take along with it all the marketing opportunities of the present and the future.

Faster = The Creation of New Opportunities

The faster speed of Google Fiber will encourage a whole new dimension on the Internet. What is now impossible with current speeds will become probable and then likely with the new Google Fiber. And when more sites are created, more chances of advancement for marketing exist.

So keep an eye on Kansas City, the first city chosen to receive Google Fiber. And for those of you still living in the 20th century, strap on your seat belts and air masks – Google Fiber may even blast YOU into the inevitable and exciting new technological future.

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5 Responses to “Google Fiber: Out of This World”

  1. Gault says:

    Wow, its going to be another phenomenal events will happen and come arise with concern to the advent of newest advance technology. Change is really moving at its speed.

  2. Aditya says:

    Google Fiber is going to make internet fellows really surprise by its services.But the difficult part is for other internet service providers,the competition is going to be tough now.

  3. Thomas says:

    Hi Paul
    I heard about the Google Fiber in Kansas a little while ago, but I am still surprised that Google are going to offer that kind of service. Do they have the knowhow to deliver high quality fiber access or do they just want to put pressure in existing fiber providers to deliver higher speed for less money?

  4. Puck says:

    Hi Paul

    Great post!These are new knowledge for me!I think that on the net,speed is the most important thing!
    Thanks for your guides!


  5. Ted says:

    When can we get it? I can not wait for this to hit our market. Something like this is long over due.
    I am tired of slow internet speeds, cable TV that only works when it wants to.
    The sad thing with something like this is, us people that live outside the big city limits will be the last to see it, if we ever do. I am sure the cost is very HIGH for this type of service.
    Either way, my fingers are crossed and cant wait to see it in action.

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