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All posts relating to digital photography, including both hardware and software. Tutorials and reviews are the most common types of posts.

Photo and Image Editors

As I visit web sites one thing that always get my attention is the amount of time it takes to complete a page download. With web sites using more images to display the content, it can at times take much longer than necessary to finish downloading a page. The biggest problem with the sites that […] Read More »

How I Organize My Digital Photos

If you are like me you probably have taken thousands of pictures with your digital camera. Digital cameras make it very easy to take photos, since you can view the photos immediately, and only keep the photos you like. Once you are done taking pictures, it is usually very easy to transfer them to a […] Read More »

The PNG Image Format

I have written posts about the JPEG and TIFF file format, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Digital cameras use the JPEG format because of it’s small size, so you can store more photos on a memory card. The downside to the JPEG is that is is lossy compression, so you lose some data […] Read More »

Four Months of Using Mozy

Mozy Logo

I have written several posts regarding backing up your data. I have mentioned many different forms of media that you can use to keep your data safe. Over the past four months I have been using an online backup solution called Mozy. While I have written about Mozy in the past, I will sum up […] Read More »

Unlock Features of Your Canon Digital Camera

My first digital camera that I bought was a Canon G2 in 2002. I liked the camera because it took great pictures, included a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, and was able to take RAW pictures. When my G2 broke, I was provided with a Canon S3 IS because of the warranty. The S3 in itself […] Read More »

How to Capture Action Shots Outdoors

I was recently at the park taking pictures of my oldest son on the swings. As I took the pictures, I noticed another person doing the same with members of his family next to me. I stood and watched for a moment as he became disappointed when his pictures came out blurry, and he eventually […] Read More »

What is Your Archiving Workflow?

In my last post I talked about my method of backing up my archived photos. I discussed the various media I used to ensure I will always have at least one copy of every photo. I have talked about my workflow with regards to archiving in other posts, but I feel I should provide a […] Read More »

Is Your Data Safe?

I have been scanning and archiving old family photos in order to help preserve them for the future. The first set of photos are the only copy of each photo available so they were chosen first for archiving. It is important that when you archive photos that you create a system for backing up your […] Read More »

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