Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast?

Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast?

One thing that is very certain with our generation today is the existence of various gadgets that have incredible features that most people think won’t possibly exist.

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With the vast technologies today, Apple is one of the top and leading brands and with its newest release, people looked forward for this latest and innovative smartphone. Tagged as “The Most Amazing iPhone Yet”, iPhone 4s carries high-end and unique attributes that makes it different from its predecessor.

Some of the well known features are the 8MP camera with additional lens that produce almost 30% better clarity, 26% better white balance and better color accuracy. Another is the famous Siri, which is an exclusive feature on iPhone 4s. It can respond to commands, questions and inquiries and you can ask to perform specific tasks such as sending message or creating reminders. This somehow serves as your assistant, which makes certain tasks are easier for the user.

Hence, despite of the popularity of the newest product of Apple Inc., there were some reviews that the battery life of iPhone 4s is way different from its predecessor. iPhone is known to have the best battery life but with this newest release, many users noticed how fast the battery drains. Apple is not yet releasing any updates that will extend the battery life but there are workarounds that users can do to solve the current issue.

First, the latest OS has a multitasking feature, which means that every application you open will keep on running until you completely close it. For you to be able to do that, press your home button twice until you see the following icons or applications opened. Touch any of the icons and tap the negative sign that you will see for all the applications that you are not using.

Second is to optimize your settings. There are some settings that can make your batteries drain faster. For instance, it is advisable to minimize the use of location services. To disable this, go to Settings and then turn off location services.

Another thing is to turn off push notifications and Wi-Fi if not needed as this will also help extend your battery life. To disable this, go to Settings, Notifications then turn it off. The same goes with your Wi-Fi. Just go to Setting, Wi-Fi then turn it off.

Likewise, it is best to turn off your Bluetooth as it reduces battery since it keeps on searching other devices once turned on. To disable your Bluetooth, go to Settings, General, Bluetooth and then turn off.

You can also extend your batter life by adjusting the brightness. Turn on auto-brightness as well so it will automatically adjust depending on your surrounding. Just go to Settings, Brightness and drag the slider to adjust.

Use your iPhone as often as possible. iPhone has lithium-based battery so it is important to keep the electrons moving. This will extend your battery life and you should make sure to completely drain and fully charge your battery even once a month for proper maintenance.

If this workarounds won’t work for you, the best thing to do is to restore your iPhone to its original settings. It is possible that there are other applications that are running even without you noticing it. And by restoring your iPhone, things will get back to normal and you will have a better battery life.

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31 Responses to “Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast?”

  1. praveen says:

    Thank you for the suggestion bro, you explain the thing very well.

  2. Matrix says:

    I have already EVERYTHING setting off in the phone and my phone barely last 4 hours of surfing. I turned off Location services, Edge/3G, Blutetooth, turned down brightness to about 25 % and etc. Basically I have nothing on, I only turn on WiFi when I need and always turn off when standby. And it still drains, I have an Iphone 3GS and it has been around 7 months. IT SUCKS! IPHONE IS OVERPRICES+IT GOT THE WORST BATTERY EVER!

  3. maggie says:

    i have the same problem with battery quickly drain issue. it’s been 17months since i bought this iphone4 & now the battery went out crazy. i did restore it as new but still nothing happened, it became worst. i fully charged it today but after a few minutes it quickly turn off and showed the signal to recharged again. what’s wrong with this gadget? hope anyone can solve this issue. thanks!

  4. vicky says:

    A nice and comprehensive article and it is going to help a lot of people and they are able to increase their iphone battery life.thanks admin

  5. Lee says:

    Hi it\’s lee again I left a comment a while ago about the battery life on my Samsung. Now even if I hardly use it it just about gets through the day. Surely battery technology is advancing if not it should be. I find myself turning nearly everything off on it just to get it to last until I go to bed to charge it.Thanks lee

  6. Thanks for the information you have stated at your article. It’s a very informative blog. Your ideas are very wide open. It’s like you’re writing a book for someone. Love this article you wrote.. hope to see more of this. Please keep on doing such a wonderful deed of sharing such information like this.

  7. ponvendhan says:

    No more worry on iPhone battery, iPhone 5 smartphone released in this week and it has extended battery than any other previous versions of apple phones. I heard it works up to 8 hours backup time in 3G talk time and 4G (LTE) browsing.

  8. Adela Manco says:

    There are also many factors affecting the battery life of your phones. I’ll also follow the guidelines for my phone. But there are also applications, available for download, that has battery saving capabilities.

  9. Devon Sander says:

    Thanks for the thoughts you have here. It’s a help for us to setup the settings. Smartphones are not that difficult to manage though. Thanks for having this guidelines posted.

  10. Lee says:

    Hi I presently have a Samsung galaxy s and the battery life is terrible on that. I was going to wait until the I phone 5 came out and then try to get a good deal on the 4s because I have always heard the battery life was better with the apple.but what I will do for now is follow some of the suggestions you have put forward to see if it helps on my Samsung.

    So for that thanks lee

  11. Aansy Stone says:

    Great post, i’m also facing same issue. i don’t know its 5.1 upgrade or what but i’m not happy with the battery life of my iPhone.

  12. Jas says:

    Great post Paul. I posted on similar topic today and found your post while search for mine. Out post are pretty much common but there are couple of more points that I’ve added to my post so do check it out and you can use the content here if you like to update this post.


  13. sledge says:

    I’m on 5.1 as of a few days ago.
    My 3gs goes from 100% charge over night, to 73% in two hours only on stand by.
    not one single text or phone call in or out.
    All apps are off, icloud off, bluetooth off, mail off, push off, location sevices off, wifi off.
    ******* everything off!

    Absolutely ridiculous.
    If this not solved in the next week or two, I’m chucking this phone and moving over to an android phone.

    Utter rubbish.

  14. Stefan says:

    I tend to solve the problem just by keeping my phone plugged into the charger whenever possible. I have heard that doing so can have a negative affect on your phone’s overall battery life, but nobody has ever been able to explain how this happens, so I don’t worry about it. (If anyone here can shed some life then that’d be great).

    Until then; the phone can’t run out of juice when it’s plugged into a wall. 😛

  15. David says:

    I have the 4S and my battery life is pretty good. I keep my display on auto-brightness so that way it automatically adjusts based off my environment. Other than that, I just use my phone naturally (as in I don’t bother to turn off bluetooth or wifi). However, I do think if my battery were to be draining faster than I’d like I probably would.

  16. Aman kashyap says:

    Battery backup is the one problem that i-phone has always been through!
    Super clear clarity of the camera,,most interesting applications are what the significant features of this device but when it comes to battery people do find themselves in bit of doubts!
    Hope this removed as soon as possible…

    • Jeesica says:

      But sill Iphone is the only Smart phone having best battery backup. HTC, Blackberry and all are chasing apple for it.

      And these small tips and settings can increase your Iphone battery backup by 25%.

  17. Aman kashyap says:

    Battery backup is the one problem that i-phone has already been through!
    Super clear clarity of the camera,,most interesting applications are what the significant features of this device but when it comes to battery people do find themselves in bit of doubts!
    Hope this removed as soon as possible…

  18. Mark says:

    Apps in iOS mostly do not run in the background untill one completely closes ’em! There are many states that an App goes through. Only a handful of apps are actually running in the background, such as Skype or some other app that actually needs to be running. Most go through the “background” state into suspended and then do not waste the devices resources. The apps shown in the tray are “recently used apps”, not “running in the background apps”. Here’s Apple’s documentation on this:

    And a little less techy:

  19. Alex says:

    New gadgets nowadays would mean greater possibilities of problems that may arise.

  20. Antonio says:

    I Strongly Agree With Pual Salmon 🙂 Iphone Battery Draining Too quickly :S

  21. Jessica says:

    If you have not found the solution, try this:
    The first thing you need to do is tell the iPhone to stop trying to determine what time zone we’re in all the time. There seems to be some bug in iOS that sometimes causes the phone to continually check where it’s at. That eat up battery life in no time

  22. Adeline says:

    I cannot believe that a top notch product, selling for such a high price will have such serious issues. Its shocking that users even put up with defects. I’d be mad as hell to have a defective product sold to me. I cannot understand the rush to sell a product that has obviously not been tested out properly and then talk of releasing the iPhone 5. I guess as long as people are buying, they’d push anything out.

    • Paul Salmon says:

      Many times the battery life drains quickly because of what is running on the device. Some times an application can cause the battery to drain fast, which isn’t really the fault of the phone manufacturer. A standard iPhone will have good battery life as long as you know what is running.

  23. Akos Fintor says:

    Hello Paul,

    I have 3GS. Bought it brand new about a year ago and the battery dies pretty quickly and it is annoying. (I know, some people have REAL problems. ) but still.

    Anyways thanks for the tip, I hope I can give my battery a “new life”



  24. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Paul,
    So funny I found your post. The last 2 mornings my iphone was completely drained when I woke up. I turned off all the settings that you recommended in your post. I will see what happens tomorrow.

    take care…

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