Working with a Website Builder

Working with a Website Builder

A website builder is a unique tool that creates a platform for people to put together a webpage without any HTML knowledge. It may be similar to the website development software but differs in a few areas that include:

  • A website builder is used through the internet and it represents a set of website pages with tolls to create websites.
  • It offers you a hosting company and automatically puts web pages on the internet.
  • It contains powerful and special capabilities as compared to the usual website creation software.

Working with a Website Builder

10 reasons to use the free website builder of 1&1

  1. High quality graphics. When you use the free website builder you do not have to worry about the cost of graphic design. It offers high quality graphics that make your website more attractive without having to use more money.
  2. Cost factor. This website builder service enables you to come up wit a good quality website without having to settle the cost associated with it. Hiring a website designer may be expensive and some designers charge an extra fee for maintenance and using special features.
  3. Coding. The website builder enable you to select a ready website from a number of templates. You are able to locate one that is ideal for your business or website needs.
  4. Technical support. When you use website builder 1&1, you get access to professional technical support when you require it most. You can request fro professional technical assistance anytime you have an issue with your website and other hosting tools. This assists you in avoiding problems that affect your business negatively.
  5. Easy to use. Just like most website builders, the website builder 1&1 has a drag and drop feature. This means that you will not be required to write new codes anytime you want to change your website’s appearance. It offers a platform for upgrading images and content easily.
  6. Mobile site builder. Online web users are visiting most websites through their mobile phones. Therefore, it would be ideal to create a mobile phone website for your business. Websites created through this web builder can be optimized to render great services on iPhone and Android phones.
  7. Over 200 free templates. There are over 200 free website templates to choose from. The templates are professionally designed and cater for different types of businesses and online website needs. In addition, you are free to customize the templates.
  8. Web based platform. The website builder uses great website based interface that is compatible with any browser out there. It works instantly with any online platform.
  9. Social network integration. You are free to integrate your social network accounts, images and contacts through the help of the drag and drop features without having to undergo raw coding.
  10. Support e-Commerce. You can also create a professional eCommerce platform with the help of a web editor that supports a wide range of secure checkout features.


Always choose a website builder that makes it easy to configure meta keywords, meta title tags and search engine meta descriptions. This will play a great role when conducting lead generation campaigns in future.

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  1. I agree, these are great reasons to use 1&1 as a website builder. However, they’re also the exact same reasons to use a lot of other website builders too – Squarespace, Shopify, (and WordPress) and Wix all come to mind immediately.

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