Why You Should Always Read User Comments Under Posts

Why You Should Always Read User Comments Under Posts

When maintaining or starting up an online business, if you’re up to it and feel that you need to share your expertise on something, it’s wonderful to post about important issues and let others know of your findings and experiences. If you’re in the blogging or article writing business as well, it’s very important to always read the other users’ comments under the posts you stumble upon. This is how you will get the most value for every article you read.

Why You Should Always Read User Comments Under Posts

So you’re reading up on your favorite topics, and researching for your next post, article, or project. Or maybe you’re just reading about your other daily interests. As you have noticed (and most likely, have set up on your own website as well), there is a comments feed under each and every post. Have you ever thought about how important it is to read readers’ comments on posts you browse?

  • You should give time to examine any tidbits or value that a comment can give you. Just one sentence or one mere suggestion can help you spin off tons of ideas and get inspired to write more articles. Or, if everyone seems to have the same kinds of questions, you can write a whole series of articles pertaining to that subject and explain everything further yourself. It’s like a non-stop flow of ideas, just reading what others have to say. Plus, you can learn a lot that you were never really aware of!
  • Watching and observing readers’ comments can be a tiny form of market analysis: people ask for and about what they really want on the market, and what they’re interested in considering and/or buying. What do people ask most frequently? What are they really interested in? Could you possibly profit from that? How could you use this knowledge and apply it to your own website?
  • You may have missed something in your own posts – by all means, don’t forget to read your own user comments as well! In a recent post I’ve written on my Internet Marketing Blog titled: how to lower AdWords campaign keywords’ average cost per click rate, our reader Zayd wrote: “I found that when creating a specific ad group keyword list, you should have all 3 match types per keyword. Increase the bid price for match type Exact and Phrase slightly more than the Broad keyword:)” That was a wonderful insight! Someone who didn’t read through the comments, wouldn’t be able to get this gem of information, something that might help their business tremendously.

Many are the times that we’ve forgotten something even though we’re sure we’ve done all research needed, and someone comes along and gives us a bit of insight. It’s wonderful, because it actually means people are reading your stuff. Always appreciate things you may have passed over, and after thanking the commenter, make additions to your posts or write additional ones on the topic with the corrections/suggestions.

  • You can also get tips and ideas for your own website and posts. It’s like copying the split-tests of the giants. Look at the design and feel of the blog or website. How are people reacting to the content? What are they saying? Do they want more? Many readers will share what they think about the whole experience of visiting that website, or for more specific things, at the bottom of each post. Like we said in the beginning, readers are the most important part of an online presence! We should always take what they think into consideration.
  • Readers sharing experiences will create a much more interactive experience for the rest of the visitors. If  readers are encouraged to keep commenting by having questions answered by the post writers and other users, thus providing value and good Q & A time, be sure that other visitors will chip in as well. Besides, there’s nothing nicer for a webmaster or article writer than seeing his or her followers interact with their content!

So don’t just read the posts and take off! Make sure you take the time to carefully read what other readers and users are saying – you never know just what you may learn.

23 Responses to “Why You Should Always Read User Comments Under Posts”

  1. ya taking feedback & analyzing always helps. Its like never ending exercise. Thanks for those valuable suggestions of analyzing blog comments for improvements..

  2. mukesh says:

    Hi Angelos, you are right comment reactions must be read for but other thinking.

  3. Jaz Tan says:

    To get the topic of the commenter and host. And to be more active in socializing online websites.

  4. Ricky says:

    It is always good to build the community around your website via comment section. Once in a while you will also get the idea for the next post from the commenter 😉

  5. Aman kashyap says:

    It is really important to have the interaction between the writer and readers.A proper feedback from the readers will motivate the writer to present his/her thoughts in a better way each time and a good response from the writer will ensure that more and more people read his words!
    Thus its all about doing something and receiving the same!!!

  6. Hi Angel,

    I love the idea of comments and what you can learn from them. Great idea to glean topics for new post from the comment section on your own blog or from others blogs. You never know where you are going to get inspiration form. …..Could even be a thought that triggers another train of thought. That is for those of us who are easily distracted. 🙂

    Sometimes reading all the comments on one blog post can be daunting when the site get a fair amount of comments. But many times as you say there are nuggets in there worth digging up.

    My Best,

    • Absolutely true Stephen! For amazing post I find on the net, if they are new, i add them to my read it later app and check them after a week for any additional comments 😉
      Thank you for the input!

      • Hey Angel,
        Tell me about the “read it later app” . Sound like I could see it as a great tool to keep organized with.

        • It’s @ http://readitlaterlist.com/ and really is amazing. It’s free and you add a plugin on your browser. When you find something interesting that you can’t read at the moment, you tag the page and keep it in the app’s memory. After that, you can recall anytime and keep your bookmarks clutter-free 😉

          Tip: if you have an ipad and read from rss, try Reeder, you’re gonna love the integration with read it later 😉

          • Oh wow Angelos, thank you for steering me in the right direction. I just downloaded readitlater.com and will have to re-start to use it. There now we have another case in point of why it is a great idea to read all the comments on a post. Thank you so much for sharing your in sites and experience. keep up the great work. ~Stephen

            • Hehehehe true! While reading the comment I thought: hey this is another example why someone should read comments 😉
              You never know what to expect from a comment in a post and that’s why everyone should read them.
              Thank you for the comment Stephen!

          • Robin Hall says:

            Angelos, thanks for sharing this! I run across so many interesting articles and posts while I monitor my twitter feed, this could be an awesome tool for me.

  7. And a great way to motivate the writer too! Thank you for the motivation 🙂

  8. Amit says:

    We should always moderate the comments ..Thanks

  9. thanks for sharing this it will be help me a lost

  10. Paul Salmon says:

    I usually try to leave a comment on posts that I found either beneficial or interesting. Interacting with others is a great way of sharing ideas.

  11. Nichole says:

    Having a conversation between you and the readers through the comments is very essential. I believe they will come back for more to drop comments on your blog especially if you respond to them. Chances are, they will even refer you to their friends and other bloggers about your site.

  12. JamesW says:

    Great and interesting post, thanks for sharing

  13. Andy says:

    Whenever I create a new project I carefully watch the comments for a while, write down the most asked questions and then create an extensive FAQ from them. Works like a charm… 😉

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