What is Pleasing in a Local Website Design

What is Pleasing in a Local Website Design

Google’s latest algorithm updates have focused more and more on local search results. With local companies getting more focus in today’s search results, of course their websites will also be getting the same amount of new attention. The problem with that is, most local company’s websites are absolutely terrible.

Many smaller, local companies began putting up websites years ago before the new era of web design hit the web and before standards were really ever laid out for how a website should look. Many others simply put one up because they were told that is what they should do, and with little know how- put up a terrible looking site and then forgot about it because they never really saw any benefits from it. As a result, the web is filled with terrible looking sites for local businesses.

Website Wireframe

What makes a good small business website design though? A local drive in movie theater’s site looks like this. To be fair, it does have 3 columns, which beats many company’s sites, but it is filled with clutter, spammy looking pictures, animated backgrounds and just an assortment of outdated web methods.

This type of site  is similar to what would have been made in the mid to late 90’s and maybe the early 2000’s.  What is even better is, once the content ends, you have to scroll down through a long page of blinking stars to find out who made the site. Apparently the design company forgot to  update it.

Obviously blinking backgrounds, animated gifs, scrolling marquees, and other outdated nonsense do not make a good design. They make an embarrassing design. What constitutes a good design for a local business then?

A local business website should be clean, crisp, concise and organized. On top of that, it should be able to give the viewer everything they need to know quickly and let them know they are at the right place.Scott Mullins, a LPA from the same area as the drive-in, knows how to get a website up and running that looks professional and meets all the needed criteria.

Upon going to their page, it instantly jumps out at you that it is organized and professional, unlike the other site which comes out as outdated and borderline comical. To help the viewers, it implements graphics and text effectively to show exactly what services are being offered and the information any client or potential client  may need.

Its quick navigation links are at the top for an easy navigation system, versus the other site which has text all over the place and finding information fast is difficult.  It then uses images to show what is being offered and organized text to bullet point what is being offered and why it should be looked at.

The difference in the two sites is clear, while the purpose is the same. One effectively uses design techniques to get their message across while the other one uses design to stay out of date and disorganized.

Image credit: Sanjeev Sapkota.

8 Responses to “What is Pleasing in a Local Website Design”

  1. the information provided is valuable and of great use … thank you so much for the useful share. have a nice day

  2. Martin says:

    Cool and very objective article, easy to follow and read, and to the point! The example you gave starlitedriveinohio(dot)com is not something taken from the ceiling. These kind of websites are everywhere, sometimes being placed at the top of SERP, which is absolutely horrible for people seeking normal information. People need to spend more money on web design though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Marcia Kin says:

    Custom website design simply means a design which is made to order. It is a website template created specially for you. It would be unique with respect to all its features. Your website will display the colour schemes of your brand. It will show your logo over each page along with your slogan line.

  4. Sitebee says:

    I always build websites clean and simple for the businesses I work with, even in 10 years they will be easy to navigate and look fresh.

  5. Aditya says:

    A website should always be simple and concise.A website which has blinking background or some flash in it are out of date and considered as spam.its better to provide information from your website in a simple and effective way rather than making some nonsense blinking background.

  6. thiqar says:

    Nice article and thank your valuable information and I wish you luck

  7. saha says:

    Example of movie theater’s site as bad design is perfect. Blinking background design of this site is really annoying. Design of your website should be clean, simple and appealing. There should be quality content with the design.

    • AlexG says:

      haha Take that back! That site was beautiful! lol Yeah some local businesses just let their online presence go to waste.

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