I have been using technology in various aspects for a good twenty years now. Within that time people have been asking me for assistance and troubleshooting, answers, or knowledge (also known as “picking my brain”).

I usually provide assistance and troubleshooting free of charge, mostly because if I can solve the issue then I hope to learn something from the experience.

Answering questions people may have about technology can be more difficult at times. Usually the questions involve technology that has been around for a number of years, and that makes answering them easier. The difficulty is answering questions about brand new technology, or technology that I have yet to use. When this happens I’ll usually begin to learn it myself. Once I have learned it, it will then get added to my knowledge base for future questions.

This brings me to the final point of this post, and my blog: knowledge. I have learned in life that the more you know the easier life becomes. I will take that one step further and say the more you understand the easier life is to enjoy. I have built my knowledge of technology through understanding, and will use this blog to pass on this knowledge in, hopefully, easy to read posts.

Let’s start “picking my brain”.

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