The Most Anticipated Mobile Phone Releases of 2013

The Most Anticipated Mobile Phone Releases of 2013

The Smart Phone market is perhaps second only to computers in terms of how quickly it progresses, with new, more impressive models being launched by the wee. 2013 is no different, with some extremely promising new handsets waiting to be unleashed on the general public within the next few months. Now we’re half way through the year it’s an ideal time to take stock of the most anticipated models that have arrived this year. Whether you want to buy the latest Apple gear or a HTC upgrade, these are handsets you should consider.

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The Most Anticipated Mobile Phone Releases of 2013

The Nexus 5

Though the previous Nexus 4 smartphone was popular with many people, it definitely carried that marmite air about it. The new model, though, has almost everyone talking, largely due to ongoing curiosity about what trick the all-powerful search moguls Google will come with next in their ongoing mission to lead the mobile market.
Rumoured specs for the new Nexus include a full HD screen of around 5 inches, a Snapdragon 800 quad-core engine and a quite beastly 3gb of ram, not to mention a 16mp Nikon camera. If Google really can put out all of that, expect the Nexus to ship more units than One Direction.

The Motorola X

The none more mysterious ‘X’ has generated even more gossip than the Nexus, with both the manufacturer and Google (who have their fingers in this pie as well) keeping shtum on the spec and generating non-stop hype in the process. The lack of information has caused a massive amount of speculation around the ‘X’, with some lauding it as an Apple-beater as soon as the name was released.

This week, however, some specifications were leaked that indicated the ‘X’ might not be as God-like as some people expected, with 2gb of ram and a 1.7ghz dual-core processor noted amongst them. However, all eyes will still be on suppliers as we wait to see exactly what arrives on the shelves in the ‘X’ box (bad pun intended) next year.

The Galaxy S4.

Already released this year, the S4 has had as big a build up as any Android phone since…well, since the S3, with a great many Samsung fans chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. Though the initial ‘S’ was a bit of a let-down, the subsequent 2 and 3 models were both absolute rippers, so it’s no surprise that the build up for the S4 was so big.
Fortunately, reviews for the handset have largely been very promising, with critics lauding the beautiful screen, the stonkingly fast processor and the marvellous camera. Though it’s a big one (a full 5 inch HD display is on offer), it’s no surprise that sales have already been substantial.

However, critics have also pointed to difficulties with the handset’s Bluetooth connectivity, with many taking to internet forums complaining about the compatibility with their car. Some owners have managed to resolve the issue through their insurer, by understanding car insurance rates, this is something others maybe able to resolve too.

The HTC One

HTC have always been a divisive brand: some people still consider them the standout in the Android market, where as others would much rather pickup an iPhone or a Galaxy. HTC lovers, though, have been more desperate for the ‘One’ than Morpheus, with the picture quality especially hyped as being about the finest on the whole market, with the extra large pixels in the camera picking up detail that other handsets simply can’t rival. Again released at the end of May, the One’s sales have been impressive.

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3 Responses to “The Most Anticipated Mobile Phone Releases of 2013”

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Paul
    Now that the Galaxy S4 is one of the most hyped phones at the marked I was able to get myself a great price in the Galaxy S3 a week ago 🙂 It is not that I was not temped to go for the S4, but I didn’t really needed most of the new features and I got the S3 for half the price of the S4. I must say that I love my new Galaxy S3. It is really a great phone with an awesome screen and with Android I can get all the apps I need.
    The Nexus 5 are looking interesting as well.

  2. Martin says:

    Google class can be counted as a phone))) Cool list, thanks! I have waited 30 years for this thing to be created, and now it is almost with us !

  3. Robert E Kraus says:

    At the rate these Android phones are developing my iPhone will soon get kicked to the curb. As much as I loath Google and it’s products I do like the Nexus. A Nexus phone, if all those goodies get included, will more than likely be my next phone. Otherwise I’m going for the Samsung. The HTC just doesn’t seem to be as ‘sexy’ and the Motorola so far is Vaporware.

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