The 4 Most Effective Tips to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware

4 Tips to Protect Your Data from Ransomware

Ransomware – a class or malware that restricts access to a computer until a ransom is paid – has been around for many years. In fact, one of the first known ransomware – the “AIDS” trojan – was found in 1989. Unlike other malware, ransomware has sort of been in the background, not drawing much attention. In 2013, the ransomware called CryptoLocker began making news as it infected computers, and then began encrypting personal data files.

The Best 5 Tips to Prevent Malware on Your Windows System

The Best 5 Tips to Prevent Malware on Your Windows System

Windows has always been synonymous with malware. To this day, Windows systems are being targeted by malware developers because of the number of Windows systems online, as well as how many exploitable security holes are available. Much of the malware can easily be prevented if users just took the time to implement some security measures on their Windows systems.

Below I provide 5 of the best tips that I utilize on my Windows system. Since implementing these tips, I haven’t had to worry about any malware on my computer in any shape or form.

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