3 Common SEO Myths


Google has fought its way to the top of the search engine market and web usage is at an all time high. With design becoming easier and easier for users to pick up on, there is a large increase in the number of users creating their own websites and seeking to make it big. Many aspiring webmasters have all ran into the same problem though, to make it big requires a lot more effort than they anticipated.

It takes more than just creating a web page to get traffic, a good bounce rate or even revenues. Most of us have read websites that advise users on SEO, or search engine optimization, but few have actually been able to put these concepts into practice. Google constantly updates their algorithms, and has a history of changing what they value more or less each period, leading to a world wide web of outdated web pages giving false tips on what it takes to get ranked. Here are some of the top current SEO myths.

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