The Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus Features We’re Really Excited About

The Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus Features We’re Really Excited About

The trend with gadgets nowadays is sleek and high-quality visuals. People are not just looking for practicality anymore, they want something that looks stylish and offers the high definition experience too. This is why Apple and Samsung have been releasing “Plus” variants in their line. It is not just to prolong the current model’s buzz but to produce something that a number of customers are looking for.

What to Expect from the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4


The dust has barely settled following the launch of the iPhone 5 and yet the impatient masses are already speculating as to what they can expect from the iPhone 6. Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has just taken the title of World’s Best Selling Smartphone for Q3 this year, but millions are more bothered with what the Samsung Galaxy S4 might bring to the table.

Of course, it isn’t always wise to take for gospel the words of so-called mobile tech “experts” who in reality do nothing other than sell my psp games for a living, but some pretty credible authorities have also jumped onto the rumour mill’s bandwagon. From leaks to inside reports and right through to FCC filings, we’re starting to get a decent picture of what to expect from next year’s biggest smartphones and the outlook is interesting to say the least.

Well, interesting if you happen to be one of the deeply devoted millions, that is.

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