Tested Ideas for Successful PPC Marketing Campaign


To promote your business, you use different SEO techniques, including social media posts and blogging. LinkedIn is a powerful platform to increase the engagement of potential customers with your business. Along with all these efforts, you cannot ignore PPC (pay per click) marketing. Undoubtedly, PPC marketing services will help you stay ahead in the competition. By using PPC strategies, you can increase the visibility of your company on the web. Moreover, you will get a chance to target a specific audience.

What is Google Ads Fraud? Everything You Need Know to Keep Your PPC Campaign Protected


You’ve probably heard advertisers talk about Google ads fraud or simply click fraud. You could have even been a victim of this fraud. But, what is Google ads fraud? Click fraud can be defined as a form of cheating that occurs online in pay-per-click internet advertising. Pay-per-click advertising entails posting ads for which website owners pay a certain amount of money that is determined by the number of people that click on those ads and visit their sites.

PPC Techniques for Local Services

PPC Techniques for Local Services

Technology penetration has made it possible for brands to reach the masses more effectively. Technological awareness is at an all-time high with people gaining access to the internet through various internet enabled devices such as mobile devices and computers. The internet has changed the marketing and advertising space. Businesses and brands are competing with each other to optimize user experiences. Trends in the field has shown an exponential growth in online advertising as more brands take to explore the various delivery channels available at their disposal. One of the most common is Pay-Per-click (PPC).

This strategy is effective, for example, as it can be used as a matrix to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. PPC are advertisements on websites and software applications used to create brand awareness. However, user trends have shown that brands need to have a strategic plan to have effective results from PPCs. Conventional business practices have been put on the spotlight and standard marketing procedures have had to evolve to address emerging trends. Several tactics can be used to ensure marketing success for businesses and brands. Small businesses and brands have to compete with national and international brands which have large marketing budgets. PPC manager from WillBeCoded.ca company shared some PPC techniques local businesses can use to ensure success.

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3 Ways To Become Less Dependent on Google Search

Social Media

When you compose a new post for your blog, what’s the first thing you have in mind? Is it your readers? Or is it Google? It’s a sad reality of the modern web that bloggers cater to the whims of Google, often to the detriment of their readers. They stuff their article with keywords and mind every little link, lest they find themselves not ranking in the top 10 for high-volume keywords. But you know what?

You can’t blame them

The incentives are there. Google is the world’s biggest traffic referrer. Bloggers need traffic, and so catering to Google’s rules can pay off. Unfortunately, at the same time it can create a poor experience for readers.

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