How can CMMS Help the Maintenance Officer


The role of a maintenance manager is extremely crucial. The success of a unit is dependent on the method adopted by the maintenance offices, to look after their equipment and facilities. This task can be even more overwhelming in big organisations, where the number of assets is uncountable; thus, tracking them can be an extremely challenging task. Therefore, to manage the humongous load of work, managers are today changing their methods from manual to the modern-day Computerised Maintenance Management System

Top 6 Advantages Of Using A Mobile CMMS System

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Organizations’ deploy maintenance management systems to maximize the efficiency of their resources and work hours. A desktop-based CMMS allows you to: easily create, allocate and trace work orders; instantly generate accurate reports; and immediately determine which equipment (or other assets) requires preventive maintenance (PM) or repairs. However, you’re still restricted to your computer to view them.