A Look Back: iPhone 2G to iPhone 5 Comparison

iPhone 4S

Apple’s iPhone, introduced by then-CEO Steve Jobs back in 2007, is a remarkable smartphone device that has changed the way we look at smartphones and modern mobile technology in general today. At its current generation, the iPhone 4S, has brought with it a significant new feature, dubbed “Siri” which has made a huge impact on the future of voice recognition technology in mobile devices. Siri would undoubtedly be named the killer feature, as not many other significant new features have been added to the iPhone 4S. This seems to be a repeat of a past upgrade, the iPhone 3GS was very similar to the iPhone 3G.

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A Shaky Start in the New Apple Era

Apple Logo

To put it lightly, Apple has had a rough past few months. Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple in August, passing the title onto longtime COO Tim Cook, in a move that troubled investors and Apple enthusiasts alike.

Then on October 4th Apple released the iPhone 4S in the face of harsh criticism from consumers and analysts who were expecting the enigmatic iPhone 5.

The very next day, Steve Jobs, the face and mastermind behind everything Apple, passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Fans and admirers around the world mourned his loss.

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