Scan and Store Your Information Digitally

Scan and Store Your Information Digitally

You can get overwhelmed by paper. In years gone by there may not have been an alternative. It was a matter of cramming filing cabinets and, ultimately, in finding more space. Some documents are still required in hard copy form but others can be kept in a different form, while still containing all the data in its original form.

Scan and Store Your Information Digitally


A scanning machine will do the job. It does take time to scan every piece of information if you intend to do it in house. However there are companies that provide the facility for you and that will guarantee absolute security and confidentiality.Creating electronic documentation can be a time consuming exercise depending on the volume involved but it is something that can be delegated to a company with absolute confidentiality guaranteed. Once documents are scanned in this way they can be professionally indexed and available from your office whenever required.

Save Space

It is certainly worth giving it some thought, particularly if you are short on space because everything can be collected from your office and handled securely.

You can look on the Internet for a company that offers this service. What you need to do is ensure that your preferred choice:

  1. Can handle bulk operation in a timely fashion so that it does not interfere with your daily activities.
  2. Will correctly index everything so that it will always be readily available with no geographical restrictions.
  3. Have scanners of a type that can provide clear reproduction in colour or black and white, one or two sided.
  4. Can handle a variety of paper sizes.

Absolute Security

You may have concerns about any of your information held offsite but those fears can be allayed if you find a company that specialises in secure storage. Some documents such as title deeds are of great value in their original form. For such documents the levels of security required for storage requires the highest standards involving the latest alarms, CCTV, and the best precautions against fire and flood. Those are the standards you should expect for your scanned documentation.

Everything should be done in-house with no part of the exercise subcontracted to a third party. That should also include all transportation. The storage company’s own drivers and transport should be the only ones used for collection from your office to the delivery to your storage destination. Having such transportation in place provides all clients with that extra peace of mind, which is important with sensitive documentation.

This service is available for all types of documents from invoices, statements and accounts, to contracts, general correspondence, and cheques. You may want to be selective in the documentation that you want to store and scan. Certainly you can spread the cost over a period by scheduling documents by type or date. Everything will remain accessible for your use at all times.

If you have never considered such a document scanning and storage service before why not pause and give it some thought? You should be able to make research a company to scan your documents and ask questions to get an idea of the costs involved.

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