Router Configuration Pages Not Displayed Fully in Web Browser

Router Configuration Pages Not Displayed Fully in Web Browser

You may run into an issue where your router’s configuration pages may not display properly, or fully, in your web browser. I have recently seen this issue with a wired router after connecting the router from one computer to another. I reset the router a few times, but the configuration pages in the browser window never completely rendered – the lower part of each web page was missing.

While I haven’t seen this before, I wasn’t sure if there was a problem with the router or the local computer I was working on. I had used this router in the past, and never experienced any problems with it, so I decided to look at the computer for the problem.

Solving the Problem

BEFSX41 Router

The first thing I would try would be to stop some of the background processes that were running on the local machine. I know from past experience that applications that load at startup, and run in the background, can impact other applications.

The local machine I was working on had many loaded applications – some that were not needed. I slowly began to disable all the applications that I knew connected to, or impacted, a connection to the router.

I began to disable the following applications, in this order:

  1. A bittorrent client that is usually running on that local machine.
  2. The software firewall – while it is needed, I temporarily disabled it for testing. There were two firewalls active on this local machine – the Windows firewall and ZoneAlarm. I disabled both, and after testing, enabled only ZoneAlarm.
  3. The anti-virus software.

There were many other applications that were running, but I started with the above three since once of them is probably the culprit. After disabling the bittorrent client I loaded up the configuration pages for the router. The problem still existed. I then disabled the software firewall and still the problem existed.

Finally, after disabling the anti-virus application the problem disappeared and the configuration pages were displayed without problems. To be sure I re-enabled the anti-virus software and the problem reappeared.

In this case, the anti-virus software appeared to have prevented the configuration pages in the web browser from displaying properly – it probably thought there was some malware on the pages. I’m sure I could have investigated the cause within the anti-virus tool, but I was time limited, so I installed another anti-virus software that didn’t produce the problem.

If you are having problems displaying, or using your router configuration pages, it could be your anti-virus software that is causing the problems.

For those interested, the router was a Linksys BEFSX41 wired router, and the anti-virus software was Avast. I installed Microsoft Security Essentials to replace Avast.

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  1. Jhon says:

    the router can not be reset. trying it many times and still the Default gateway is the same. Router Model No. WRT54GH

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