Rewards Associated With the Online Surveys

Rewards Associated With the Online Surveys

Many rewarding applications and programs are present on the internet that will benefit you in the form of prizes or rewards. Most of these programs require the use of an email id. Most people consider these kinds of things to be scams, but contrarily these do exist in real. To check the efficacy of these, create a fake email account. These survey reward programs operate by collecting points which can be converted for cash.

Online Surveys

Types of Survey Reward Programs

There are many rewards online that can be obtained easily; following are some types of reward programs:

My Point: This reward program offers its members points when they shop online, endorse in playing games online, go through their emails, or if they endorse in online surveys. As many as 50 points can be earned through participation in certified surveys. Later on, these points can be redeemed or exchanged for something like prepaid Visa cards or travel gift cards.

e-poll: e-poll has the privilege of having a business rating of B+. Members earn in the form of points for taking each survey. On the very first enrollment a member can earn up to 100 points. These surveys are given to the members about once or twice in a month in the form of emails. The points earned can be used in two forms:

  • Either donating the points to the Red Cross
  • At different businesses converting the points for gift cards

The exchange of the points begins when the points are more than 2500 on quantity.

How to Join These Rewards Programs

Joining these programs isn’t much of a hassle. You would be welcomed with an online survey and also rewarded for it. This website is hosted by the company live tribe which offers various online rewards. Registration is to be done using an email address and is complete after completing a registration survey.

Things which are included in the registration survey are as follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age, gender and location

Apart from the basic information, personal information is also asked from the people who would like to join for example: The likes, hobbies, lifestyle a person prefers or what does the person likes to shop. The registration process doesn’t take much of your time and can be very easily completed by an average person. All the information provided by the joiners in confidential and isn’t transferred to another person or party. It isn’t much time taking so you should definitely go for it. is one such website which offers the best kind of rewards online.

2 Responses to “Rewards Associated With the Online Surveys”

  1. Aarti says:

    I haven’t tried such online surveys to earn money, as most of these sites are fraud and you just waste your time and efforts. Some sites could pay you but very little and it’s really frustrating.

  2. Aditya says:

    Hi Robert,

    You have written this post for making everyone aware about the rewarding process through online means but don’t you think that people ignores this type of reward giving programs and treats them as a spam.They feel like sharing personal information may harm them.

    Although it can be true and i admire you for sharing this post as everything has its own pros and cons.

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