Review: Life is Colourful

One of the most popular niche many people choose when creating a blog is the “money making” niche. I am not a fan of this niche, in fact I think it is too saturated with blogs.

The blog this week, title Life is Colourful, is a blog that is partially in the “money making” niche. There is more to this blog, which is a good thing, as they author also ventures into the world of the Internet and SEO to provide even more tips to help you get started in blogging.

Life is Colourful

Web Site: Life is Colourful – Making 2 cents per minute

Description: It’s all about Blogging, Internet, SEO, Technology, Reviews and Life.

Design 3.5 stars

On of the weakest points of Life is Colourful is the design. While one of the main topics discussed is how to make money online, the blog isn’t overwhelmed by ads. The design of the blog contains three sidebars, which is a little unusual. There is a left sidebar, and two right sidebars. The content is between the left and right sidebars.

Since there are three sidebars, each column is not very wide. This has caused the author to choose a rather small font for the sidebars and the content. This can make it difficult for some to read easily. I rather prefer a larger font, at least for the content.

The left sidebar contains only ads, and not many as only three are displayed at the top. The right sidebars contain the navigation links. The links are organized into sections, however, there seem to be too many. This clutters the right sidebar to the point where it is a little difficult to easily navigate around the blog. There are many comment links and other Web site links included in the sidebar. I’d much rather see more links related to the content of the blog.

A few minor tweaks to the design of the blog will make it a much more appealing blog for all visitors.

Focus 3.5stars

The focus of the blog is rather difficult to find as many topics are discussed on the blog. If I had to choose the main focus I will probably put it in the Internet category. Unfortunately, the Internet category is very broad and not very focused.

In this case, however, the author has chosen many topics on the Internet, including making money, SEO and Web site reviews. Many of the topics discussed can be a separate blog in itself. There are also a few technology reviews as well.

The author does indicate other Web sites and blogs that they manage, but maybe a few more with the topics discussed on this blog can narrow down the focus of Life is Colourful.

Content 4.5 stars

I enjoyed the content of this blog, as I found the posts well written and not too long. The addition of images within each post provides some nice colour without distracting from the point of the post.

The author takes time to update the blog on a regular basis. It seems on almost a daily basis the blog is updated, which indicates the devotion the author has to the blog.

The content of Life is Colourful is definitely the strongest, and with good reason, aspect of the blog.

Spelling and Grammar 4.5 stars

I found that the posts are well written and contain very few spelling and grammar mistakes. For those posts that do have a mistake, the mistake doesn’t reduce the readability, or distract from the point the author is trying to make.

Overall 4 stars

The design of Life is Colourful can be a little cleaner to make navigating around the blog easier for visitors. Reducing the number of links in the two right sidebars can go a long way to the usability of the blog. Increasing the font size will also help with the readability of the blog.

While the focus seems to be a little broad, the actual content of Life is Colourful is the strongest point of the blog. The author updates the blog on a regular basis which is always good to have on a blog.

Overall, Life is Colourful is definitely a great blog to visit.

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  1. KiwiPulse says:

    The only cons on blogging about “make money online” are that you will definitely run out of ideas or your blog article will not be unique anymore. There are way too much competition and its hard to get a place on that scene. 😛

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