Blog Traffic Stats – One Year Later

In my previous post I talked about how Technically Easy evolved over the past year, as well as discussed the name, domain and logo. In continuing with my one year of blogging, I will now discuss the traffic Technically Easy has received over the past year.

For those new to web sites or blogging, you may have seen similar traffic stats to your site. Although the numbers aren’t huge by some standards, they are still good for a one year old site.

Monthly Stats

I use both Google Analytics and Statcounter to keep track of the visitors to Technically Easy. The numbers provided in this post all come directly from Google Analytics. To begin the traffic discussion, lets look at the numbers:

July 2007249999222
August 20072042159221
September 20071201,0553721,547
October 2007946113141,019
November 2007997542431,096
December 20072713,0181,8285,117
January 20084372,8152,4295,681
February 20081,1504,1374,1379,424
March 20081,7034,1504,95710,810
April 20081,6955,0346,11412,843
May 20081,7567,9324,84514,533
June 2008*
* – Projected for the month.

As with any new site I received very few visitors in the beginning. Both the months of July and August accounted for an average of 7 visitors a day. I admit that at the time it was difficult to write posts as so few visitors were reading them, but I realized that as I wrote new posts I would get more visitors.

The September, October, and November stats show first a drastic increase in search engine traffic, then a drop and then a slow increase again. This is normal for new sites. You will find that when you first get listed in search engines they may put your pages near the top of the search results, and then remove them. Your pages will bounce around until your site becomes older, which is what you see in these three months.

Another drastic increase occurred in December for the referring traffic (traffic from other web sites). This is due in large part to me joining Entrecard at the beginning of the month. If you have a new blog, then Entrecard can help get you started with traffic as you can see from December onwards.

From January until the present the monthly visitors has increased each month. From the calculations, the total visitors have increased each month by at least 11% over the previous month. The direct traffic has increased drastically at times. I have also noticed more search engine traffic, which over the last three months has increased 21.30%, 57.57%, and 32.28%, respectively. As my site gets older I am receiving more traffic from the search engines. Most of the referring traffic continues to come from Entrecard, however, I am starting to see smaller sites also provide some traffic.

Besides Entrecard, both Wikipedia and StumbleUpon have also provided some nice traffic at times. For Wikipedia, I included links to posts in the wireless networking pages. The StumbleUpon traffic was a result of visitors stumbling my posts.

Overall, while the traffic isn’t earth-shattering, I am still quite happy with how it has increased over the past year.

Top Traffic Sources

There are many source of traffic for Technically Easy over the past year, from large search engines to small personal blogs. The table below lists the top five traffic sources for my blog.


It is no surprise that Google is my number one traffic source, especially in the past few months when the amount of traffic from search engines increased substantially. I mentioned joining Entrecard in December 2007, and since that time it has provide almost 18,000 visitors to Technically Easy.

My little test of including links in Wikipedia articles has paid off with almost 3,000 visitors. I included those links sometime earlier this year, so almost 3,000 visitors in a few months isn’t too bad.


While Technically Easy may not receive as many visitors as some sites or blogs that were started around the same time, I am quite happy with how the visitor count has increased over the past year. It is also nice to see that the number of visitors has increased with each month.

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