Mozy: Try Again Button is Disabled Fix

Mozy: Try Again Button is Disabled Fix

I recently ran into an issue where the “Try Again” button in Mozy was disabled, preventing me from backing up my data. I use Mozy for backing up my data because like the fact that I can backup my data online and to an external, portable hard drive automatically, or when I choose. The file backup is handled by the application, so I don’t have to worry about missing any files.

The problem with the “Try Again” button, however, has been a pain for me as it prevents me from backing up my data. It isn’t always disabled, but at times when I start my desktop, the button is not enabled. While I haven’t found a complete solution to prevent this from happening, the steps outlined in this post allow me to re-enable the button without restarting.

Enabling the Try Again Button in Mozy

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I’m not sure why Mozy disables the “Try Again” button, maybe it couldn’t finish a backup in the past, but whatever the case, it prevents me from manually starting the backup.

To correct the issue, I use the following steps:

  1. I click the “Start” button on the Windows taskbar, and then enter “services.msc” in the search bar. This opens the “Services” console window.
  2. I find the “Mozy Backup Service” service in the list, and then right-click the name and select “Stop”. After a few moments, the service is stopped.
  3. I then open “Windows Explorer” by pressing “Windows Key+E”, and navigate to the “C:\Program Files\Mozy\Data” directory.
  4. I rename the “Resume.dat” file to “Resume.old”. This will remove any partial backup file from executing once I re-enable the service.
  5. I then return to the “Services” console window and right-click “Mozy Backup Service” and select “Start”.

Once the service has restarted, the “Try Again” button is once again re-enabled in the Mozy application window.

2 Responses to “Mozy: Try Again Button is Disabled Fix”

  1. Patricia says:

    I’m in the process of deciding which one to use for my backup. Leaving it to the techies to decide for me. Hope I don’t run into too many hiccups cos unlike you I wouldn’t have a clue how to fix it!
    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Paul Salmon says:

      I always say that a backup plan must work for you. Many online backup providers offer a free trial, or free storage space. I would test out a few of them to help determine which one you like best. I know that Mozy offers 2GB of online storage space for free, which I used before choosing to go with them.

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