Light Photography

Light Photography

One of the most important elements of any picture is the lighting. It can affect, in both good and bad ways, the colours, the perspective and the quality of the photo. Learning how to properly use lighting as your advantage will improve your pictures for sure. So, we listed some helpful advices.

Combat the problem using high ISO. The ISO is managing the amount and sensitivity of light falling on your sensor. There is one huge disadvantage when using ISO and it is the noise. Still, there are some possibilities to improve the quality of the picture. One of them is to use a software such as “Neat image”. And still, in digital photography noise will always be something to consider.

Light Photography

Yet, some staggering effects, in the good way, can be established when the photographers are playing with the shutter speeds and lights moving right in front of the camera in a dark room using artificial light. Long exposure time can create interesting and almost unreal effects, which do not need any after treatment to be perfect and creative. Amazing art forms can be reached performing long exposure light photography. One if the commonly used techniques creating these amazing photos is an examination of form and movement in contrastingly bright environments by vibrant swirls of coloured light on urban backgrounds.

Try using different light source, distance and time during the shutter stays open. There are so many possibilities out there. You can achieve unbelievable results taking a picture of natural events like a child driving a bicycle with strong light as a background. Catch the time running, picturing the spinning of Earth during the night, by leaving the camera’s shutter open for six hours and the machine itself rigidly attached to a stand.

Comprise several pictures in one using Photoshop to combine some charismatic effects that you were able to catch.

You can use everything as an inspiration. For example, the toys of your child. Observe the effect of following the path of a self- moving robot in the dark with shutter open for 20 seconds. For boosting the effect cover the robot with colourful LED paint.

Seal the high traffic on a picture by using long exposure light photography technique. The unusual result will inspire you and provoke experimentation. Put a fence as a foreground and take a picture over the crossing cars with shutter open for 40 seconds. This will stretch the lights making them like one long line and will present the feeling of constant car flow.

Take a picture of a man practicing swordplay using a blade coloured with LED paint. The moves with the sword are like a dance and if you succeed in catching its magic and boost the effect using long exposure light photography, the result will be impressive.

Feel free to use your imagination and try everything that comes to your mind. Even you are not satisfied with some of the photos’ results, keep going until it becomes good enough according to your expectations.

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  1. Tushar says:

    Light is the single most important element in photography. Without light, both we and our cameras are blind. But light is so much more than a tool to physically record.

  2. Martin says:

    om light graffiti and light painting, to natural wonders and long exposure light performance photography, there are so many possibilities of doing light photo art!

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