How To Set Up an e-Commerce Store

Launching an e-commerce store is easy and requires minimal setup. To sell an online product, you need content relevant to the target page and article subject to go along with an eye-catching image. A platform such as Shopify will provide you with the tools you need to showcase your products. Here are steps on how to set up an e-commerce store.

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33 Tips for Selling Items on eBay

eBay provides all the tools necessary to sell or auction of items for either an individual or a business. While it has been around for many years, eBay still remains near the top for selling items on the Web. While it may seem like an item can sell pretty quickly on eBay, you will face some competition from others that may be selling the same or similar items. To help you sell your items quickly, and for the most money, here are 33 tips for selling items on eBay.

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The Real-Time Penguin: Backlinking no Longer on Backburner

Google considers many signals when tailoring search results to a user’s query and Penguin refers to one of those signals. First rolled out in 2012, the Penguin update took into account the links pointing to your site. If those links came from sites that were spammy or had a low quality score, your site would likely drop in rank.

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