Impact of Emerging Technology on Online Videos

Impact of Emerging Technology on Online Videos

For some time now online videos have begun to slowly but surely supplant written content as the medium of choice to reach people on the internet. In fact, some sources even pin 2015 as the year when online videos finally fully came into their own.

As much as that may be the case however, there are several emerging technologies that seem set to alter that landscape even further – and in some interesting ways too.

Impact of Emerging Technology on Online Videos

4K Video On the Horizon

The biggest shift is definitely going to be 4K video. Already it is slowly but surely gaining ground and while ‘Full HD’ at 1080p is still the more widely accepted standard, it is only a matter of time until more and more people have 4K capable screens, devices, and cameras – and then it will be supplanted completely.

Suffice to say it isn’t a question of if it will happen, it is simple a question of when. Of course in addition to the impact of higher quality video, the emergence and acceptance of 4K video will also consume more storage space and take a toll on bandwidth consumption too.

Virtual Reality – Coming Soon?

While far from a ‘certain thing’, it seems as if Virtual Reality (VR) is finally set to emerge as a widely-used platform. Advancements to VR in recent times have certainly been coming at a rapid pace, and some games are already embracing it while some online videos provide a 360-experience too.

Make no mistake, VR could still very well end up falling flat on its nose – but that seems less and less likely with each passing day.

Mobile-Friendly Videos

One of the more definite changes is that mobile devices are going from strength to strength, and as soon as 2016 will outpace desktops by a significant margin. In theory this should mean that more videos will need to be mobile-friendly, but in practice since so many mobile devices are already capable of 1080p resolution or higher – it shouldn’t have too big of an impact on that front.

If anything what will change is the manner in which videos are distributed, with app-based videos probably gaining ground over those embedded on websites.

As you can see, the technology emerging in the near future is certainly going to have a fairly substantial impact on online videos as we know them. Already some of that impact can be seen – such as the recently launched Warcraft movie’s 360 degree video. While many feel that it may have been a bit of a gimmick, in the future there may be a lot more of that.

For now if you’re looking into video creation you needn’t worry too much about VR, 360 degree video, or even 4K for that matter. Whether you want to create your own video guide or record Skype video on Mac, using an intuitive and user-friendly software such as the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac should more than suffice and will let you create HD videos that can be used for any online requirements quite satisfactorily.

Not only will the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac allow you to create HD videos, it will let you ensure that you record exactly the sort of video that you need. Its intuitive features will let you adjust the capture area, select and manage various audio sources, choose the frame rate, and even record keyboard and mouse actions.

On top of that when you’re done you can quickly and conveniently optimize your HD videos for any device and platform thanks to the hundreds of presets that will take care of the video settings automatically. That in itself should ensure that your video looks ideal on whatever platform you choose to play it.

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