How To Ensure An Effective Online Whiteboard Session

How To Ensure An Effective Online Whiteboard Session

The team members of an organization find it significantly useful to collaborate and brainstorm with active whiteboard sessions. They are an excellent way of making content visually enticing and more comfortable to absorb while promoting productivity. Although whiteboards are pretty common in most of the office environments today and almost everyone knows its usage, there are a few useful methods of using a whiteboard for improving how you use them in meetings.

Read further to explore a few ways for effective whiteboard sessions.

Let’s understand online whiteboarding

Online whiteboarding is the process of manipulating digital files and collaborating with team members on a digital visual whiteboard. An online whiteboard allows you to edit, share or comment on electronic documents during a video conference. They are used in different kinds of collaborative projects and facilitating discussions by writing and sketching on a shared space resembling a traditional whiteboard.

Keep your focus

It is imperative to have a clear picture and purpose during meetings. If you want to make it an effective one, keep everyone in a track by writing out the goal, the purpose of the meeting, and problems to be resolved on the top of the whiteboard. As a good practice, when using the whiteboard, write the meeting objective on the top of the board, which will be helpful for the attendees to stay focused on the list.

Connect all the team members

Although whiteboards are useful in collaboration and group discussions, remote team members can find it ineffective when calling through a video conference call. You might need to adjust the camera to various angles to view the whiteboard and that the meeting attendees in the room may be completely obstructing the camera’s view. To avoid such inconveniences, you can use a video conferencing solution that supports digital whiteboard capture to ensure that everyone can clearly see and participate in the whiteboarding session.

Use the unused space

Most of the online whiteboards come with a vast canvas that allows you to use the free space. With this, you get the opportunity to add enough content as you require. You don’t even have to erase them repeatedly for adding new content on the whiteboard. With the availability of some of the basic features like uploading visual files, documents, and videos, you can visualize all elements of a project on a single page. You can also make the screen go full, minimize the toolbar, and use the keyboard arrows for navigating through sections.

Availability of individual screens

To make an online whiteboard session effective, it is always advisable that all the team members log into the session through their own computers. Although a wholly dispersed team cannot log into their computers for such sessions, semi-distributed team members may log into the individual computers located in the same office.

You can ensure an equal online whiteboard collaboration if everyone logs in individually with their computer systems. Moreover, you can eliminate the issues related to the adjustments of the camera angles and voice distortion in meeting rooms in the event of a video-conferencing session.

Final thoughts

Online whiteboards are a great way to take your online collaboration and communication to the next level. With the few strategies listed here, you can efficiently manage an online whiteboard session at every meeting.

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