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I attempt to provide useful advice on various technologies in use today on Technically Easy. There are many times that I find myself looking for answers to some of my technological questions on other Web sites.

When I started this blog I was new to blogging and to some degree Web site management. There are many aspects to designing a Web site that I hadn’t thought about before. I have found a very helpful Web site that I’ll share with you in this post.

Website Babble Forums

The Web site is called Website Babble, and is a forums frequented by those who have experienced many of the pitfalls of Web site management. The administrator of the Web site is Lisa, who many know online. She has created a successful online business through her Web sites. This is what many of those who start Web sites strive to be like.

In the past, I have registered to various forums and Web sites only to not login after the first time. I also found that on many of those forums it seems that asking certain questions gets you branded as a newbie or idiot.

At Website Babble, it is a different experience. I find that you can pretty much ask any question related to Web sites and someone will provide friendly, useful advice that will hopefully answer your question.

Similar to other forums, there are the regular contributors to the forum, which I try to be. The contributors are by no means the authoritative source on Web sites, but they have had various experiences in the past that could help others prevent a similar fate. Chances are if you are having problems with your Web site, one of the contributors have experienced the same problem and can provided a solution.

Lisa has also been known to hold contests to those who provide helpful posts on the forum. Her contests award quality over quantity, so you don’t need to post the most to win one.

The forum is free to join and post. You can include your Web site in your signature but not in your post as that is considered spam, which Lisa is very good at tracking and removing. Google has indexed some of the posts from the forums in its index, so chances are good that it will find the link to your site in you signature.

I recommend that you join if you are new to anything Web site related. If you do register on Website Babble, keep an eye out for me. My ID is TechieGuy.

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