Fix: AdSense Scorecard Revenue Optimization Issue

I don’t log into my AdSense account as much as I once did, but recently when I decided to check out my stats I noticed that I had a minor issue with the AdSense scorecard. It was indicating a minor problem with my revenue optimization. The rating for that area dropped from 5 to 3, even though I hadn’t done anything with my ads recently.

Upon closer inspection I noticed the following message:

Displaying both text and image ads increases competition for ads to appear on your site, and may help you earn more.

After looking at my current ads I noticed that they were all set to text and image ads. I wasn’t sure what the above message was referring to, until I dug a little deeper

Looking Closer at Revenue Optimization

While I’m not entirely sure how much the scorecard values affect my AdSense earnings, I decided to still dig deeper to make sure that I can keep the scorecard ratings as high as possible. If you are like me, your scorecard may include the issue as shown in the image below.

AdSense Scorecard - Revenue Optimization Issue

The problem was that all the ads I am using were already set to display text and image ads, so it took a moment to figure out what causes the notice. Then it dawned on my: the AdSense scorecard is reporting on all my AdSense ads.

To solve the issue I used the following steps:

  1. I logged into my AdSense account and click the “My Ads” menu option.
  2. On the right, I clicked the “Advanced Filters” links.
  3. In the “Advanced Filter” box, I checked both the “Idle” and “Hidden” checkboxes. This caused all the ad units I ever created to be displayed.
  4. From the list of ad units, I clicked on the “Summary” column to sort by the ad unit types.
  5. I changed any image- or text-only ad units to “Text/Image” ad unit by clicking the “Edit ad type” link under the ad unit name.

Once I had changed all my ad units to display both text and image, I received the update scorecard as shown in the following image:

AdSense Scorecard - Revenue Optimization Fixed

As you can see it only took a few days to update the scorecard. As I said before, I am not entirely sure how much the scorecard affects my earnings, but I guess it would be good to keep good ratings.

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