Why Features of e-Commerce eBay Makes it Stand Out from the Rest

Why Features of e-Commerce eBay Makes it Stand Out from the Rest

Since its start, eBay has been one of the hottest retail sites that has utilized innovative ways to increase the sale of products. Initially, it was mainly known to be an auction site, but over the years it has evolved into a successful e-commerce site that offers a wide array of products from thousands, perhaps millions, of businesses and people.

It has all the features that offer a solution to the various concerns related to the selling and purchasing of goods. One such effective method is the use of PayPal, which is owned by eBay, which secures payment and makes it easy to pay for the items without using a debit or credit card. Over the years, it has proven to be effective to secure the transaction.

Why Features of e-Commerce eBay Makes it Stand Out from the Rest

Rise of the e-Commerce Site

The frustration related to the auction bidding for an item led to the creation of the “Buy It Now” option that helps the buyers save time by buying the item outright. With the “But It Now” option, there was no longer the need to watch the item until the end of the bidding process.

The “Buy It Now” option also allowed the sellers to utilize eBay much like an online store. Instead of investing time and money in setting up a website to sell products, they could easily use eBay to sell their products.

This principle has helped eBay to become one of the best e-commerce sites that offer a platform to both large and small businesses with access to incredible web traffic and search capabilities.

To enhance the shopping experience for the buyers, there is also an eBay mobile app that can help the buyer search for a product, bid and then purchase the product. From the point-of-view of the seller, everything is handled by the app, including having the buyer pay for the product.

Introduction of Large Touchscreen

eBay is also known to be one of the frontrunners in utilizing various innovations to make online shopping easy for buyers. The recent innovation of utilizing a touchscreen for navigating an online store proves that it has a high potential and can yield high profits.

PayPal now has networked with different retail stores that can help products reach potential customers faster. The e-commerce site has integrated with many retailers using large touchscreens where the buyers can touch the screen and buy a product. Once the product is purchased it is sent to the buyer quickly.

The touchscreen is considered to be a shift from the mobile shopping and it transcends the boundary of the stores.

Provides Control Over Products

eBay is always geared to sell a large number of products. The sellers’ only need to post their products and customers around the world can buy the products on the price that the seller has set. The best part, however, is that the sellers have complete control over their products.

A seller can describe their item with the help of appropriate keywords that will help potential buyers find their item. In addition to keywords, a seller can take photos of their product, and post those photos on eBay. The added photos can help a buyer choose to make the purchase. So a seller has complete freedom when it comes to managing their product.

If you are wondering about the items that you can display and sell, then you should read eBay’s policy on selling products. Some items may not be sold through eBay, but you may be surprised what you can sell. You can even sell professional services.

Strategies for Business

Since the services offered by eBay transcend international boundaries, products can be sold and shipped internationally. Presentation of the products is an important issue. You need to be careful about the keywords that you use to describe the product. The graphics and the description of the product can have an effect on the price and acceptability of the product.

It is important for search engines to go through the description of the product on eBay so that product can be reflected in the results page of the search engine. Many potential buyers may start out by performing a search in a search engine, such as Google. You would want your product to be displayed in the search results, so the potential buyers will click on the link and be taken to your product’s page.

eBay items are regularly added to search engines as their pages are crawled, so you need to make sure your product pages are included.

The store may also help to create competitive strategies for sellers to increase their business because they can see competitor prices for the same or similar product and price their product accordingly. From a buyer’s perspective, eBay stores allow easy comparison shopping on both price and quality.

A Bright Future

The e-commerce ability of eBay has many features that make selling products through their site easy. Most of the difficult challenges that face businesses that wish to do business online, are automatically handled by eBay. Such challenges include hosting, website design, and payment.
The future of the e-commerce aspect of eBay is bright because it is well-known to be one of the most popular hybrid stores that provides seamless experience to both the buyers and the sellers.

Keith Parker writes blogs on e-commerce eBay. She has written about the features of the site that facilitates both the sellers and the buyers. She believes that this site has a long way to go.

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  1. Ebay competitor is Amazon right !? and if we talk about the best portal for e commerce is Amazon if its in this list ..everything is in under one roof !

  2. Pankaj says:

    Ebay is certainly a great ecommerce portal. As you can buy new and old products as per your convenience. Plus you can also sell your old product through ebay. With solid ecommerce experience and positive feedback of users, it has become one of best ecommerce portal available.

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