Express Yourself Anywhere

For people with big ideas, inspiration can strike at any time. Unfortunately, that means it can strike when you are out on the town with your friends, on a promising first date, or even at your sister’s wedding.

Fortunately, with technology such as smartphones and iPads, it is easier than ever to transcribe your creative vision and share it between all of your home devices and even a network of colleagues and co-workers with cloud hosting services and computer networking.

Express Yourself Anywhere

With cloud hosting services, you can easily share new media discoveries with the people who share the cloud network with you. Say you are on vacation walking around the Upper East Side of Manhattan and stumble into an acoustic jam session in a coffee shop.

You have never heard this band and are guaranteed your audiophile roommate has no idea who they are either. With a cloud network, you can download the band’s album to your smartphone and it will automatically appear on your PC for your roommate to enjoy.

Whenever a member of a band doesn’t show up for practice it is impossible to get things sounding right. When the missing member does make it around for practice, it messes up everyone’s rhythm and harmony. With a properly networked computer system, the missing member can practice from the comfort of home if he can’t make it and stay in tune with a high quality sound and streaming video network.

It’s even possible to contribute music ideas between your iPhone/iPad and home computer with yourself and other members of your band by using apps such as Guitar Pro.

If you are a freelance graphic designer working for a design agency, vmware hosting makes it possible for you to control sharing your work with the firm before you are finished. By using a private managed cloud you can create and manage your designs in Adobe Creative Suite from a laptop or home computer without losing any consistency of work.

When you finish your design piece, you can let the rest of your team comment and collaborate without the nuisance of using portable USB drives by joining their cloud. You can even stay within the artistic comfort of your own home by telecommuting, because the network is available from all devices and locations.

With connected cloud networks, it is easier than ever to stay creative while on the go. There is no need to make excuses for creative procrastination, even if you are really far along in Angry Birds.

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