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I have written about Entrecard in the past, and have benefited from using the widget on my blog. I mentioned that for new blogs Entrecard can help generate traffic and subscribers.

This past week Entrecard announced a partnership with SezWho. It was a much anticipated announcement among the Entrecard faithful, but the question is what does this mean to those that use Entrecard?

The Partnership

For those that author blogs know that comments are an important part of blogging. A blog with many comments on the posts is usually one that is visited often because the blog looks popular and invites conversation. Comments written on a blog are more than just comments, they can encourage a dicussion among visitors.

Unfortunately, for many new blogs getting comments on the posts can be a difficult task. Most people won’t comment if a blog looks new or they don’t see other comments on any of the posts. To help with this Entrecard has entered into a partnership with SezWho.

Entrecard is a way of helping small blogs become known on the Internet through advertising with the blog’s “business card”. You earn credits from a variety of ways, and then use the credits to purchase advertising on other blogs. This has helped Technically Easy greatly.

SezWho is a profile service that tracks such things as comments, posts, and messages left on many sites throughout the Internet. For users of the system, you can rate the many posts, comments, and messages to add credibility to what others have to say.

With the Entrecard and SezWho partnership, you can now be rewarded for leaving credible comments on other blogs listed in the Entrecard system.

The Benefits

There are a few benefits to the partnership. They include:

  1. You will get more comments on your blog since Entrecard members are now rewarded for leaving comments.
  2. To go with the first point, you will earn credits for writing a comment on another Entrecard blog with the SezWho plugin installed.
  3. You can rate posts, and comments of other’s as well as have them rate yours. If you consistently write good comments and posts, this would hopefully help your credibility.
  4. You can use the SezWho system to vew the comments, posts, and messages of other users. This may help you find more good content online.

With the latest partnership, I can see that the Entrecard system has just gotten better. With the increase in traffic, and now, hopefully, the increase in comments, Entrecard is one of the best systems, and widgets that you can install on your blog.

Have Your Say

  • With this new partnership, are you going to use SezWho with Entrecard?
  • Do you think the Entrecard-SezWho partnership will increase comments?
  • What should Entrecard work on next?

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