DNS Issue when Accessing a Web Page

I recently experienced a problem that looked like a DNS error. The error appeared in the web browser after trying to load a Web page. I have never seen the error message before, but after reading the message it was easy to determine it had to do with domain name servers.

After doing some testing, and then research, I was able to find a solution to the problem.

The Error

When attempting to load a Web page, the following error was displayed in the Web browser:

You are seeing this page because the current domain is not configured in the current set of name servers or your domain is being parked.
This is usually just a temporary error while the domain is being added. Once the domain is configured this page will expire and your correct site will be shown.

If your system administrator is having you use the wrong resolving name servers you will want to notify them of this mistake right away.
If you are looking for free resolving name servers (for desktop and personal computers) we suggest you use the free service at Resolving Name Server.

It didn’t make a difference which Web browser I used (IE or Firefox), the error was the same. I couldn’t access the Web page from another computer on the same network, so it made me think that it was either related to the DNS servers on the network or the Web site. I then tried to access the Web page from a different network using different domain name servers, and I was able to view the Web page. This eliminated the Web site.

At this point I narrowed down the problem to the domain name servers on my network, which happens to be my ISP (Internet Service Provider). Unfortunately, I don’t have access to those servers, and contacting them would probably take too much time. I decided to find a solution that I could implement that would fix the problem.

The Solution

I did some quick research on the Internet and found a free site that allows you to connect to their domain name servers. This site is called OpenDNS. I managed to change the DNS settings in my router to use the OpenDNS servers and then released and renewed my IP address. I then tried to access the Web page and was happy to see it load. OpenDNS provides all the instructions for you for many operating systems and routers.

I haven’t heard too much about OpenDNS, but apparently they are popular online. I’m sure there are other Web sites that offer the same, and I’d be interested to know about others. For now, switching DNS servers worked for me and solved my problem.


A few days ago I received a DNS error message when browsing to a Web site. I determined that the problem was related to my ISP domain name servers, which I didn’t have access to, so I couldn’t correct the issue.

I was able to find a Web site online that allows you to connect to their DNS servers for free. After doing that, my problem disappeared.

2 Responses to “DNS Issue when Accessing a Web Page”

  1. Paul says:

    I’m sure the issue has been resolved with my ISP. Sometimes when things aren’t quick to get fixed, I like to find an alternative.

    In all my years on the Internet, this was the first time I encountered this error.

    I knew it probably had to do with the IP not being updated.

  2. Yeah, I too used to get errors like this.. once when i tried to configure a custom domain for my friend it happened.. I was sure that it was all ok.. so I asked my friend to access the same and he was able to.. (the issue got resolved in a days time). That was due to the IP not getting updated in our servers…

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