Dragon Blogger: A Technotainment Wonder

Dragon Blogger: A Technotainment Wonder

There are several blogs that I enjoy reading, either directly or through an RSS reader. Some blogs I read because the author of the blog has years of experience, and writes about their experiences so that their readers can learn from them. Other blogs I read I do so because they have a lot of information on various subjects that I am interested in, but may not be subjects that I can apply to my blog.

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For me, one particular blog that I enjoy read is Dragon Blogger, mostly because the author – Justin Germino – leads a similar life to me (IT industry professional and family man) and as very similar interests (technology).

Dragon Blogger

Over the course of the past few years I have seen his Dragon Blogger blog go from a small technology and entertainment blog to a well-known and well-connected blog.

The most interesting aspect that I see with his blog is that he is constantly running contests and giveaways for many great products. Everything from computer mice and hard drives to video games, and if I can remember correctly, video game consoles, has been given away on Dragon Blogger.

While Dragon Blogger does bring in some money each month, many of the items he gives away he has purchased with his own money, so that shows the dedication Justin has provided with his blog.

Dragon Blogger is what has been termed a “technotainment” blog. The topics discussed on the blog involve either technology or entertainment, which does seem like a strange mix, but does provide many interesting posts.

Since I am very interested in technology, I am very interested in posts that pertain to hardware and software. I have found out new information about the latest hardware or software simply by visiting Dragon Blogger on a regular basis.

Of course, as I mentioned previously, the giveaways also help draw me back over and over again, but the information is still top-notch.

Besides the technology aspect of Dragon Blogger, I was also interested in Justin’s experiments with making money with a blog. He has tried various methods of producing a good income on Dragon Blogger, and usually posted his results. Regardless of whether the money making opportunity worked, he always posted his thoughts, so if it didn’t work out, we knew not to bother.

Dragon Blogger is definitely a blog worth visiting. I have been doing so for the past few years, and if you are interested in technology, or entertainment, then you should definitely check out Justin’s blog as well.

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  2. erwin says:

    Dragon Blogger’s time for me to visit you and for Paul thank you for sharing.

  3. Evan says:

    Oh, nice, new thoughts ffod, I will check this blog right now. Thanks for the hint)

  4. Dmitri says:

    Yes, this is a great, quality blog and they accept guest posting if your articles are informative and fit their audience.

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