Question: Are You Cut Out to be a Web Designer?

Question: Are You Cut Out to be a Web Designer?

Do you want to be a web designer and are thinking about what you need to be one? Like all jobs, even this one has certain qualities that you require in order to make it big. In this big wide web world, there are thousands of web designers looking to make their mark. You have to really stand out in order to make it big. Here are a few skills that you should ideally possess to be a good designer. Obviously there are no hard and fast rules though.

Are You Cut Out to be a Web Designer?

Written Skills

This is one of the first things that you need. You should have very good writing and editing skills. A lot of wannabe designers think that being a pro with Photoshop, CSS and HTML is enough to conquer the world. That is not true and not enough. Your writing should be able to attract the visitors when they see your website. This is one of the best ways of communication.

Visuals might garner the initial looks but after that it is content, content all the way through. Again, good writing does not mean fancy words. It means effective use of words and sentences in a way that appeals and conveys the message to the readers.


This is possibly the most important one of them all. Unless you have your own distinctive style, you are bound to get lost among all the other web designers out there. There are the freelancers and also the big design agencies. You need to have your own style which will immediately turn heads in your direction.

This way, readers and viewers will know what your trademark is and identify with it. Your work should have a signature of sorts, like all the artists.

Social Media Savvy

Like it or not, social media plays the biggest role in marketing and publicity these days. Most of the promotion is done online through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on. You need to know your way in and around these platforms like the back of your hand. Skilful use of social media has turned many people into stars and celebrities.

Also, almost all businesses use these social sites for advertising. This is because of the staggering millions of people who use these websites. So, what you need is a good grip over the social media marketing business.


Being a good web designer is not just about writing well or creating fantastic visuals. You also need to be articulate in how you communicate with other people around you. You have to make your clients understand certain things verbally too. Another thing that a lot of people forget about communication is listening.

Communication is not just about talking. You need to be attentive towards your clients, understand what they require and then be able to create that. Also, you need to show them that you understand their requirements. In case you don’t, articulate that and ask for more information.

These are some of the skills that are crucial. Of course, there are other prerequisites for a web designer. This includes excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, Photoshop and so on. You also need to be a creative thinker and be able to think outside the box.

You also need to have good business sense to negotiate deals with all your clients and make sure that you are getting a good deal. In case you are working with a team, then you also need to be a good team player.

2 Responses to “Question: Are You Cut Out to be a Web Designer?”

  1. Hello,

    Lovesome Write up! I agree with your topics. A web designer must skilled with Written Skills, Uniqueness, Social Media, and Communications etc. Keep writing informative and useful post like these one.

    Moqtadir Rakib

  2. Ashley says:

    An honest dose of reality. I like it. THis is actually a path I am considering at the moment, so it is nice to go in with eyes wide open!

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