Windows Vista Web Sites

I recently bought a laptop with the Windows Vista operating system. I have used most of the Windows operating systems in the past and currently use Windows XP on all my systems, but because Vista looks and feels different, I have had to relearn a few things. I decided to search the Web for information … Read more

Conserving Your Laptop Battery Power

Do you ever wish that you can get more out of your battery? Maybe you would need just a few minutes to finish that long document you have been working on? You may already be carrying the power cord and an extra battery, but if you won’t be near AC power for the next several … Read more

Understanding the Windows Registry

The Windows registry is one part of the Windows operating system that the average user will probably never access. It can be intimidating, confusing to a user, and making the wrong change within it can prevent Windows from loading. Many Windows and application settings are stored within the registry, which makes it very powerful for … Read more

Using the Windows Recovery Console

Last year I had an issue where Windows XP failed to load. It would always get to a certain point during boot up, and then stop and reboot. This occurred when it was loading one of the Windows drivers (I can’t remember which one). After searching the Internet for a solution to my problem, I … Read more

Windows Explorer Won’t Load – Advanced Solution

In a previous post, I described how I was able to solve my Windows Explorer problem. I didn’t go into great detail on how I managed to find the solution, so I thought I would expand on that and describe steps you can take. First, let me say that not having Windows Explorer running is … Read more