iTunes Issue: Windows Keeps Configuring iTunes When Starting

I have recently been experiencing problems with Vista, which is no surprise there. My wife likes to use iTunes, and uses it on a daily basis for listening to music and renting movies. Recently, however, she has been experiencing problems with iTunes. She has been unable to launch the application because Windows Installer opens up and states that Windows is configuring iTunes. After prompting for a reboot, which was granted, she would start iTunes again and was faced with the same message. It was an endless cycle that wouldn’t allow her to access iTunes.

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How to Create a PDF for Free

When I visit web sites I notice many of them are offering e-books. These are usually books in a PDF format that can be downloaded and viewed with a reader. The most popular reader is Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. The once nice thing about PDF documents, and probably the reason they were chosen for e-books, is that the document will look the same regardless of the reader’s computer. Other formats, such as Microsoft Word, may look different depending on whether the reader has the same fonts installed.

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Using Winzip to Archive Large Files

I recently had to archive large files on a DVD and used Winzip to accomplish this task. As many of my regular readers know, I am obsessed with archiving my digital photos. I have written several posts regarding my experiences with archiving, including my workflow. While I mainly talk about archiving my photos, I also have been archiving my home videos. This is where I encountered a problem.

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