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Blame It On Skype’s New Privacy Bug

Skype has never been in a security issue or anything related to it but recently Skype has also changed its lead as users complain of bogus messages and problems with their chat history. You might have experienced something troublesome with your Skype history as well and that’s not your computer playing games with you or a malware attack, its Skype’s new update that has created the problem with Skype users.

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A Brief Overview of Billomat

Billomat is not a desktop program or software. This means that you cannot install it on your computer. It is a tool which can be employed for online billing which is completely internet based. Therefore you can only use it online. The first and foremost aim of Billomat is to assist the users to concentrate on the job, and tiresome writing out invoices and quotes is not generally part of this.

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Can Mozilla Firefox 14 Fight Back Google Chrome?

Unveiled this July 17th, Firefox 14 packs a punch that restores faith in the viability and effectiveness of open source software. Featuring a gamut of improvements and updates, Firefox version 14 goes way beyond what versions 12 and 13, which were released earlier this year, have to offer. Let us take a look at what makes it uber cool especially when pitted against Google’s Chrome.

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