CryptoLocker – Holding Your Computer for Ransom

CyptoLocker - Holding Your Computer for Ransom

In September 2013 a new type of malware was discovered to be making the rounds in computers running Microsoft Windows. This new malware is not really a virus because it typically requires a user to open an infected e-mail. What makes this malware particularly dangerous is what it does once it infects your computer – it holds your files for ransom.

How to Achieve Total Compliance With Endpoint Data Encryption

Endpoint Data Encryption

When South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley called encryption “complicated” and “cumbersome,” and noted few government agencies and financial institutions employ encryption to protect sensitive personal data, security experts took notice. Haley’s October 2012 remarks came after a massive data breach compromised the Social Security numbers and financial information for three-quarters of her state’s population, and highlighted an Internet security issue: Data encryption, specifically endpoint data encryption, is not only a key facet of keeping data safe, but also a compliance issue.

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