An Overview About Online Proctoring

When you deal with high quality exams or being part of an accreditation program a number one priority has always been integrity. There is no need to certify the integrity of each and every person before they sit for the exam and explore ways to check out their questionable conduct of sorts. With the help of moodle exam proctoring it enables you to break down the barriers. Further it goes on to provide you with a flexible approach where you do not have to compromise standards or security.

A proctoring service indicates a state of the art cloud based examination module that enables the instructors or teachers to hold the exams with integrity. It reduces the scope of browser tolerance and a quality result is provided to the invigilator. Of late online exams along with certifications have gone on to become the norm. Most of the educational institutions are conducting the exam so as to overcome the loopholes that arises with the disruption of an education system and ensure that it follows a recurring pattern.

A series of benefits springs up once you conduct exams online. It is more the case with the one that might require standardization or invigilation. Most of these activities might require an extensive work force, scheduling and planning. But these tests can be automated once you resort to the use of an online proctoring exam making sure that you provide a sense of stability to the entire process.

The choosing of a quality proctoring software does turn out to be a major cause of worry for most of the educational hubs. One of the major reasons is the lack of knowledge and people are not familiar with the same. Those who have gone on to benefit from the same would go on to develop anti- cheating software tools.

The working module of an online proctoring tool

The concept of online proctoring tools is that it relies on algorithms or machine learning so as to prevent any type of cheating during the course of an online exam. It is going to require the test takers to certify their identity before they begin the test and detect suspicious activity during the exam. They are going to incorporate this feature in the form

  • A biometric test mainly facial recognition.
  • With a text recognition rules out the possibility of plagiarism.
  • Web browsers that are secure.
  • AI centric participant monitoring.

Though the solutions could have a lot of functional features that are built in, an instructor should be able to go one notch ahead and develop their preferences. It goes on to specify the degree of flexibility that the test takers might require and it would be of help so as to undertake things like outside applications or key types of web pages during the test.

The key benefits

There are a series of benefits with online proctoring as follows:

Easy to use

Online and integrating proctoring solutions once you are part of the learning platform might give the learners and instructors a steady access to secure assessments. As a test taker you just need to register, sign in and log in to the system. A test taker might be able to incorporate those systems as they are normally going to do so where they automatically pull in student information along with the pre- set of preferences.


An online proctoring solution might help the instructors to become quality learners who have disabilities. For students who might require special accommodations it could also be of help. The best part is that it enables someone to take exams as and when needed.


It is necessary for the students to validate their identity before they begin their exam and when they complete it. Though it might turn out to be an end to end process but it would follow the below mentioned pattern somewhat:

  • An user before starting the exam is asked to take their own picture with the use of a webcam.

  • They would be prompted to take another photo of their ID as it is mostly a personal identification document like a driver’s license.
  • A comparison of the image of step 1 is validated against image two as mentioned on the ID.
  • The monitoring of participation is undertaken as per custom rules.
  • Once the session is over it is clear or validated and follows the rules of the session.


An online proctoring exam might provide the instructors with online recordings for every person who has gone on to complete the assessment. Even it is going to provide reports as per learning performance evolves. With the help of this information an instructor could try to understand and engage the numerous patterns. They further could figure out the challenges that an individual group goes on to face. Even it further goes on to address the kind of challenges that the individual groups might stumble upon.


An online proctoring tool does not have to rely upon algorithms. Some of them possess a human proctor audit and go on to provide a professional review of the audit. Here the results of the automated solutions are right in front so as to trim the false positives or anything that is going to alter the results of an assessment report.

How to choose an online proctoring software company

The choice of a proctoring software or a company does not work out to be an easy task. In the market there are numerous service providers and the choice of one of them seems to be a difficult task. They have to be undertaken with a process of standardization, efficiency. The system operates in such a manner so that a detailed operation of the output of the students is obtained. But in the market there are numerous types of proctoring software vendors available and it becomes really difficult to choose which one is the best among them. Hence the internet is a viable platform to obtain more information.

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