Alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations

Alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations

There are many great alternatives to PowerPoint presentations, and while the Microsoft Office product remains popular, you may find other choices that suit your needs. As if the simple act of standing in front of a crowd and giving a presentation wasn’t nerve-racking enough, people actually have to try and make the presentations interesting.

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With all the advancements of PowerPoint, simply not stumbling over your words isn’t good enough. People want engagement and excitement in a presentation. This can be extremely difficult to do because it has been done so many times. The cool graphics and quirky sounds are getting old, so instead of attempting to make something old interesting, consider trying something new. In other words, forget about PowerPoint.

Alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations

This makes some people nervous because they are so comfortable with Power Point (PPT), but there is a way to mesh the new and the old—PDF presentations. These types of presentations offer lots of new features and presentations styles, but you can still type in all of your content using PPT if you’re more comfortable. All you have to do is download the Moyea PPT to PDF Converter, click the large button that says “Convert” and BAM! Your PowerPoint presentation is converted into PDF.

Then the fun part begins. Different programs work well when you’re using a PDF presentation, so you can bring in some new sounds and other presentation elements that will help keep your audience engaged; not mention take some of the press off the speaker. Consider three programs that are more than just an alternative to PPT.

Top 3 Presentations Programs (That Leave PPT at Home)

  1. Zoho Show 2.0. This program offers its own pre-build themes and images and is very accessible. If you have to give a presentation (or send over a presentation) via a computer, Zoho Show 2.0 works great. It is accessible from anywhere, all presentations can be viewed and edited with a browser (no email necessary), and it is completely free to install. Visit Zoho Show for more information.
  2. Zoho Show

  3. This is a program that can be created directly from the user’s browser. Once again, this program offers new images and features and it works very similarly to PPT. You can also import PPT presentations directly into Acrobat for a quick transition. Below is an example of a welcome screen you will see with the program.
  4. App

  5. Google Docs Presentations. This is probably the most popular alternative to PPT. This presentations program is best if you are going to be giving a presentation via the Internet because it allows everyone to work collaboratively. In other words, the program allows you to invite people to view and edit your presentations as you go through. Finally, and for some most importantly, this program also converts PPT presentations into PDF easily.
  6. Google Docs Presentation

In the end, the best presentations are really about the presenter and not the PPT or PDF technological counterpart. If a presenter is passionate and knowledgeable about a subject or a business proposal, it will show in the presentation. However, having a solid PDF presentation next to you can make giving a presentation much less stressful and can put your mind at ease—even if you were going to do great without it.

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7 Responses to “Alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations”

  1. Blair says:

    I feel as though I’ve been on the bad end of a stampeed after reading this. It’s bloody tough waking up with a hangover.

  2. Paul Salmon says:

    I think most people have used PowerPoint for presentations as it has become the defacto standard.

  3. Adeline says:

    You could also add SlideRocket to this list.

  4. karan says:

    Never knew that there were any alternates available to the all so popular microsoft powerpoint. Nice to see this post. Are these programs better than Microsoft powerpoint in any way. Personally I don’t have time to test all these things.

    • Paul Salmon says:

      It would be hard for a program to have all the features of PowerPoint, but then again PowerPoint has been around for years. For most people, these programs provide nice alternatives as they can create the simple presentations that many people probably create.

  5. Heard about Zoho. But since the tech world is evolving, people tend to use Google Docs considering it’s share-able ability.

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