6 Essential Elements Businesses Should Incorporate In Their Websites

6 Essential Elements Businesses Should Incorporate In Their Websites

Certainly, every website has its purpose. For some it is to collect information, relay messages, give advice or sell products and services. For business websites, their main aim is to attract customers to the company and generate viable leads that will turn into sales and increased profits. You do not need a professional web designer to help you set up an effective website.

You can create your own website using www.uCoz.com the free website maker. It is not who designs your design that matters the most, but rather it is how you design it that counts.

6 Essential Elements Businesses Should Incorporate In Their Websites

Here are essential elements you can incorporate in your design to make it more appealing and effective:

1. Simple Design

You have probably heard the saying less is more. This is true when it comes to building a website. Your niche will determine the kind of design your business website will have. However, many people do not like a cluttered website that they feel tired just by looking at the home page. Hence, you should have a minimalist approach, keeping it as simple as possible. Use an attractive theme that will attract as many people as possible to your design. Fortunately, uCoz has over 200 templates to choose from, and all of them are easy on the eye.

2. Contact Form

If your business website does not have a contact page, then you should consider setting up one immediately. A contact page allows your visitors to contact you via email service. You can set up the form using various plugins and it should not take you more than a few minutes. You should include the address of your company including the physical location. You may also include a few basic questions on the form that visitors will answer regarding your business.

3. Phone Number

Some business websites do not contain any phone number that a visitor can reach the management. Many people will actually prefer to make first contact with your company through the phone. It is much quicker and more efficient that sending an email only to receive an automated response. If you do not have a phone number, the visitors might conclude that you are not really interested in your customers and you will lose business. When you put up the phone number, usually at the contact form, do not forget to indicate at what times the visitors can call to inquire about your company.

4. Search Box

A search box is essential for any business website but especially the large sites. This tool enables your visitors to search exactly what they are looking for without necessarily going through your entire website. You can simply opt to include a Google search box in your site or you can develop your own search engine to give your visitors results that are more relevant.

5. About Us Page

It is impossible to imagine a business website without the About Us page. Naturally, people are inquisitive and curious. They like to know about people they are about to have some kind of a relationship with, and this includes business. You can opt to keep it short and simple or long and detailed, depending with the size and nature of your company.

6. Legal Pages

Any website needs a legal page. The type of legal page you need in your website depends with type and nature of your business. For instance, a limited company will need a slightly different legal page from a sole trader. Some of the legal pages you may consider using in your site include Copyright notice, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms of use, Trademark, Return Policy and Complaints or Abuse contact information.

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  1. xander says:

    This 6 essential elements businesses tips really give the best guides. Great post!

  2. David says:

    There is indeed beauty in simplicity. It is easier to navigate a website with less clutter and no distractions.

  3. Hyptia says:

    Yes you shouldn\’t think about make website without these pages because some of these are that kind of source which will be help for your to know how many queries you are generating on your website.

  4. Evan says:

    Plus to the points that you wrote i would also add white background and colorful page elements) great post, well, as always!

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