6 Cool Gadgets To Get From The Mall This Season

6 Cool Gadgets To Get From The Mall This Season

With new seasons come new things especially for people who love the cool, sophisticated gadgets that make them feel in their full elements. From music gadgets that offer high speeds for MP3 song downloads to cool Bluetooth devices, mobile phones and other electronic stuff, it is hardly possible to get enough of all the things the technological world has to offer.

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6 Cool Gadgets To Get From The Mall This Season

1. Activity Tracker

This is an ideal gadget for all women who want to get the ballerina figure or fitness as it is wireless. The wireless activity tracker lets you know about all the possible changes your body experiences after a certain activity. It may be running, hiking, long distance walking and any kind of sport.
All you have to do is get the gadget from the shop and tie it around at the top tip of your waste or fit to your belt and you will know all the progress every day after doing any activity especially exercises.

2. Sure Lock With Lockitron

You will agree that at some point in our life when you left home and reached a point halfway between your home and where you were heading to, the sudden realization of uncertainty and that feeling that you left the door open can be quite a headache.

That is when you start asking yourself all kind of questions and getting anxious. Those days are soon ending because lockitron does more than just locking your door. It ensures that it alerts every time you leave the door open thanks to technology. Now you can travel without any apprehension of leaving your door open to burglars who may be waiting for such opportunities.

3. The Jambox speaker

There is no better way to make the music better when you are hanging out with your pals than using the jambox speaker. With customizable features, this gadget makes you do something no other gadget did before. For starters, it is sleek and easily portable and its size is the size of your palm. It can pick sounds from any of your friend’s smartphone; therefore, it is very flexible and comes in handy for spending those chilly afternoons with your friends while listening to our favorite music from the best mp3 download sites.

4. Textile iCables

It is common to find boys with electronic stuff. In most cases when they run out of power, they have to charge them. Sometimes this causes cluttering and makes a bad scene, as the chargers are not savvy in any way. Therefore, the textiles iCables come in handy in filling this gap as it ensures that there is enough workspace because of their unique design with textile material.

For Apple users, these gadgets come at a very affordable price. This means no more cluttering in the workspace and the best energy saving method of charging electronic devices.

5. Gaming with Nintendo Wii U

The gaming experience will never cease to be magical and amazing. The new Wii u just came in at the right time. Just connect it to the TV and begin the adventure of the gaming world. Its graphics are breathtaking, the pad has a touch screen, and tablet-like controller features.

The HD experience when playing certain games is what the Nintendo Wii u delivers for you at home. This holiday will definitely be an indoor holiday because in addition, its pad has a front camera and other cool features. Therefore, play, tilt and swerve the pad as you enjoy the games.

6. The Lytro Camera

It seems like the major reason why many people these days take interest in photography is instagram. This gadget is one a kind and the type to get your friends making all sorts of remarks and asking endless questions on how you managed to take certain good shots. With 3D features, it gives you the options of doing several amazing stuff.

6 Responses to “6 Cool Gadgets To Get From The Mall This Season”

  1. Gelo says:

    What I like most from this list is the Lytro Camera. I’ve seen this in action, and if you are an avid fan of photography like me, you’d be amazed just like me. It can actually change it’s focus on the image, even after capturing the image. It’s a very powerful device at such a small size.

  2. Ryan says:

    Lockitron and I shall be the best of friends.

  3. Matty says:

    Why do I let myself read these blogs and get these ideas? I KNOW I’ll cave and get one or two of them. It’s always this way. Anyway, the lockitron is a must. Why did I not think of this, I’d be a kajillionaire!

  4. Thanx for this great list, i will need a wii U for myself now

  5. Saanvi says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article. I agree with all your 5 points which you have mentioned in your post

  6. Christine says:

    I wanted to thank you for this great post!! I enjoyed every little bit of it.When the Lockitron arrives, it will have the both Android and iOS apps to provide you with the ability to check the status of the deadbolt lock. With the app, you can lock or unlock the deadbolt with ease. If you need to let someone into your home while you are at work, you can to that with the WiFi enabled Lockitron.Since this is technology, it requires power which is provided by 2 AA batteries. And they claim that this will power the Lockitron for more than a year. This looks like a great device to have and is very simple to use. It can even alert you when the door is unlocked which is a great feature.

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