5 Incredible Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Do you have a YouTube channel and struggling to get more followers? This might be hectic, and as a business person, you might be feeling frustrated. The need to have more subscribers is so crucial, as YouTube algorithm places so much importance when it comes to ranking one’s channel. This post provides 5 incredible ways to get more YouTube subscribers.

1. Publish long videos

Conventional wisdom suggests that we should post short videos that people will just spend a few minutes to watch and do other things. While many people prefer posting short videos, it does not help that person who wants to gain more subscribers. As explained by SMMrank, a company that develops free YouTube tools, the longer your video is, the higher chances of getting more subscribers. A good YouTube video of more than ten minutes has more chances of getting more views as well as subscribers than that of two minutes.

2. Promote the videos in your end screen

In most cases, if someone watches more of your YouTube videos, then that person is more likely to subscribe to your channel. And in order to make a person watch more of your videos, you have to promote videos at the end of the screen. This is an effective way of making the person aware that there is more than what he or she just watched.

Another cool way of promoting your YouTube videos in order to get more subscribers is by simply buying the subscribers. This is an easy and hustle-free way, as it is both cheap and time-saving. By clicking on the link https://youtubegrow.com/buy-youtube-subscribers, you can be able to choose any package that is most suitable with your budget.

3. Have a subscribe button

If you want more subscribers for your channel, then there is no better hack than this one. You need to put a watermark on your video which allows viewers to subscribe to your channel even as they continue watching the video.

Note that the subscribe button is a branding watermark, and thus you need to know how to use it if you are to get any substantial number of subscribers for your channel. There are cases where individuals use their company name as brand watermark to get subscribers. This does not usually work. Instead of using your company name, you should be explicit, and use SUBSCRIBE as a watermark to ask people to subscribe. This way, anyone watching would easily see and know that they can subscribe by clicking on the button.

4. Post quality videos

Many at times we are advised to upload as many videos as we can. This is a good idea, as it makes our viewers have more to watch on our channel. But what if the videos are of low quality? The truth is, even the few subscribers that we have on our channel will unsubscribe the moment they notice that the videos we are posting are of low quality.

For you to get a considerable number of subscribers, you need to ensure that you create quality videos. People would want to watch m0ore of your videos if they find them educating, entertaining or at least helping them solve a problem. You should not focus too much on quantity, quality should reign.

5. Reply to comments

Any company will reveal to you a direct correlation between replying to comments and the number of subscribers that one can gain. This shows that for one to get more subscribers to his YouTube channel, then he needs to spare some time and reply to comments posted by his viewers.

Replying to comments is an easy thing, and it does not even need a lot of time. With just 1-2 hours a day, you could have done a lot to improve the performance of your channel.

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