5 Dreadful Mistakes that Must be Avoided by a Web Design Company and a Website Designer

5 Dreadful Mistakes that Must be Avoided by a Web Design Company and a Website Designer

If you are a website designer you might be planning to make another grand website that you fancy will captivate a great mass of visitor’s attention. Indeed it will, depending upon the efforts you put into your work. You will be having in mind great design ideas that constantly tempt you to put your imagination into creation, an entity that is visible, admirable and tangible. But don’t be over anxious, it’s good to be enthusiastic but it may happen that some of your design ideas turn into dreadful mistakes that you repent over after creation. It’s not just the website designers who can make such mistakes; a web design company can also be prone to such mistakes. So what are these dreadful mistakes which must be avoided especially if you are planning to represent your business online? So here are we going to discuss them.


  1. Website Overly Populated With Graphics

    Visitors usually don’t like websites that are time consuming that is too slow to load. They usually get impatient with such websites and immediately leave the site never to return again. One possible reason for this is usage of particularly large graphics or too many graphics. So it’s the responsibility of a website designer to use graphics smartly rather than using them excessively. One solution to this is to save your graphics as GIF files (.gif) rather than JPEG (.jpg) and try to use actual size of the graphics to avoid distortion.

  2. Use of Visitor Counters

    Visitor counters are usually used to show popularity of a website, it is only advantageous only if you have millions of visitors and you want to attract the attention of advertisers. Otherwise a visitor counter should not be displayed because most of the visitors do not want to know which visitor number they are specifically if they are on visitor number four. In this case it has benefit neither to the website designer nor the visitor. If a web design company still wants to know how much daily traffic it is receiving then it can utilize the services of web hosts offer free web statistics revealing daily visitors, hits, referrers, etc without the whole world seeing this information.

  3. Utilizing Banners

    Banners are also graphics that can slow down your website to a great deal and contribute in losing your customers. Therefore only use banners where necessary. Most of the visitors think banners as ads so they simply avoid clicking on them. If you have one or two banners try to place it on top or bottom of the web page. Otherwise use side bar to place a small banner. The reason is, most of the people will start reading just below the first picture they see.

  4. Website Organization

    Both web designers and web developers should coordinate with each other to plan how the website should be organized. The design and organization should be such that it should easily lead visitors to each and every phase of your site. Ask your friends to visit your site and see how they navigate, which links they click and at what point they generally stop. Website organization is of great significance whether you are leading visitors to buy your product or to click and go to another place in your website. Consider the design flow of your site making sure that graphics do not come in the way of your leads. If in the middle of the home page a visitor clicks graphics or banners before getting to the sales page he will never return.

  5. Website Personalization

    To make better sales on the internet try to personalize your website so that you can reach maximum number of target audience. This is quite hard to do if you have a general website because you cannot provide everything to everyone with changing behaviors and choices. Successful internet marketers target a specific niche and offer specific products and services.
    These are only a few mistakes however they can be really useful to make your site a success but you can search for more to avoid dreadful ending of the work you have imagined to work well.

18 Responses to “5 Dreadful Mistakes that Must be Avoided by a Web Design Company and a Website Designer”

  1. Simon H says:

    Really nice article, I been thinking lately how bad it is Web Design companys using keywords in their domain name, it’s good for ranking but far as branding it’s really bad. I’ve seen many companies using the same name but with different TLDS. I think branding is really important.

    • Paul Salmon says:

      At one point, having keywords in the domain was thought to be an easy way to rank well in search engines. Fortunately, times have change and branding has once again become more of a priority.

  2. Margorie Petti says:

    I absolutely agree with you Paul, that most of the visitors are probably don’t like the page which is very slow to load, me too, I probably don’t. I am not particular with the design but I am very particular with the content that is unique and interesting.

    • Paul Salmon says:

      There are many ways in which someone can increase the performance of their website, and with almost everyone trying to increase the performance, it is important that you don’t have a slow site. Today people are looking for quick pages and unique content, and if they can’t find either, they will quickly leave.

  3. Firefly New Media says:

    I would say the best advice you can give to any web designer is to keep the sites content concise and to the point. No overloading with images, video, ads and pointless rambling.

  4. Olawale daniel says:

    This Epic!
    Since you can boldly talk about the problems that many website designers can encounter when trying to build a responsive and result driven website. It shows that you really have intention of helping webmasters to the desired results from their works. Thanks

  5. Maybe your site should take some pointers from this list.

  6. Jinny says:

    Load time does matter for a website and along with it, it’s very important that the developer, designer coordinates with the SEO as it plays a major role.

  7. Neville says:

    Good post. I completely agree that website load speed and easy navigation are key for great design. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Thomas says:

    I know it is kind of lame but I have a little visitor counter at the bottom of my blog. I have been close to remove it a couple of times, but I kind of like it. I try to keep my design simple with little distractions, but sometimes I get a little too excited about a new plugin I have found at put it on my blog right away. After a couple of days I realize that it looks stupid and remove it again.

    • Paul Salmon says:

      I try to keep my blog as simple as possible with regards to design. I like a site that loads quick and is easy to navigate.

      I notice your visitor counter is small, and low enough where it isn’t really noticeable. I about 15 years ago when everyone had a hit counter on their site. There were usually some large number dial either at the top of the pages, or in the middle of the footer. I just get my numbers from an Analytics application like Google Analytics.

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