4 Ways to Use Tech to Find a Better Job

Although employment rates are steadily improving, the job market is still tough, leaving prospective employees looking for every possible outlet and leg up they can find. To this end, technology helps tremendously by making it possible to search for open positions in ways that weren’t previously available. Before you think about relying on the classifieds or on word of mouth, you should see how many more prospects you have if you, too, use technology in your job search.

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Searching for Jobs through Social Media

Social media offers many ways to find the right fit in the job industry. Sites such as LinkedIn make it easy to list all of your qualifications, your employment history, networking opportunities you’ve come across, and your résumé, which you can update as often as you like. There’s also the option to include a more in-depth, detailed version of your experiences and qualifications, but at the same time you’re not forcing potential employers and hiring managers to wade through too much information. Nods and recommendations from former coworkers and employers can make you look even more palatable to hiring managers.

At the same time, the big names in social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, provide ample opportunities for job seekers. Follow the companies in which you’re most interested to keep up on openings, or engage with social media managers to show yourself as a good fit. You can also use your networks, from former employers to friends, to keep an eye out for openings and recommendations in your field.

Job Boards

Highlighting skill sets that match your job title is vital when it comes to searching for a position that suits you. Job boards allow you to do that in spades. In addition to hosting your résumé, you can expand on your skills and experiences. While your résumé isn’t the place to list every single qualification you have, in the interest of space and scannability, most job boards have a section that lets you include more details.

Since you’re not applying to any one position on a job board, you don’t have to worry about cherry-picking the skills you include. Interested employers can scan your résumé and make note of your talents to see if you’ll make a good fit. The more detailed you are, the further your reach. You can wait to tailor your résumé after an employer expresses interest in knowing more about you.


How often does your phone leave your hand? If the answer is “practically never,” you have a link to the professional world, and you might not even realize it. With apps for easy social media integration, job boards, and open positions, your phone could easily land you the job of your dreams.

The key is making sure you have all the apps and programs necessary on your phone. You should link up with all available social media apps and make sure your notifications are open. Have an email program on your phone so you can answer inquiries at a moment’s notice. Use Dropbox or a similar app so that you can reach your résumé and send it as an attachment to any interested parties. Finally, make smart use of RSS notifications and Google Alerts so that they ping you when one of your search inquiries appears.

Finding the Right Fit with Compatibility Tests

Not sure exactly where you fit in the job market? Online and app-related compatibility tests can help you decide what jobs make the best fit for your skills and experiences. You can then use the results to narrow your search; sometimes finding a smaller niche actually makes it easier to find a job. If you have special skill sets not often seen in the market, employers will clamor for your talents. Provided that the test you take allows you to do so, feel free to publish your results on your social media pages and job board profiles.

You don’t have to rely on the classifieds in the newspapers, or even on sketchy Internet searches that lead to disreputable sources. Use the tech outlets you enjoy daily to find a job that will make you both happy and successful.

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