4 Tools That Your Growing Online Business Needs

After all the hard work that goes into designing, setting up and promoting your online business, there is nothing more rewarding than starting to see measurable results. Whilst this may seem like the perfect time to sit back and relax, this is actually a crucial turning point; keeping pace with a growing business is essential to sustainable success. As your online company starts to gather speed, here are some incredibly useful tools you might wish to integrate.

1. Live Chat

Exceptional customer service is at the core of any successful business, and as your customer base expands, continued investment in quality relationships is crucial. Live chat is one of the most cost-efficient and competitive ways to further engage with customers and distinguish yours as a company that cares. The instant nature of live chat enables questions and queries to be dealt with as they arise, allowing you to respond quickly and proactively despite increased traffic, as well as enhancing the convenience factor for your customers. What’s more, it’s an easy way to incorporate a personal element even as your company grows.

2. Accounting Software

One of the side effects of a healthy business is an increased workload, calling for a more long-term approach to invoicing and record-keeping. A growing number of established companies are making use of online accounting software or cloud-based services which, owing to the ease of remote access, are highly beneficial for internet-based enterprises. This article provides further insight into how an integrated accounting system can enhance your burgeoning business.

3. Professional Email Hosting

If you haven’t already adopted a professional email hosting system, now is the time to do so. A business-orientated email package, such as those provided by 1&1, facilitates internal operations by providing multiple mailboxes as well as plenty of storage space. Additional organizational features, like the task and calendar tools, also help your business to run smoothly and streamline teamwork, regardless of location.

4. Efficient Social Media

As your business starts to flourish and time becomes increasingly scarce, you may find social media falling further and further down the list in terms of priority. However, as an essential means for engaging with your customers and keeping your brand relevant, it is crucial to continue to build upon your initial social media campaign. Tools such as Hootsuite make it easier to maintain a consistent social media presence, enabling you to schedule bulk posts ahead of time and across multiple platforms, so that communication with your audience remains regular despite increasing time constraints.

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