3 Things You Need for the Best Virtual Tailgates

Many upcoming major sports events will take place virtually, leaving ardent football fans to tailgate closer to home. You may count yourself among millions of football followers who will leave your truck or RV parked in the backyard this year. However, you can still celebrate your favorite team.

If you are planning on celebrating the gridiron on your terms while staying safe and keeping others safe, you may need some ideas. Here are three things you need for the best virtual tailgates.

1. Invest in a big screen television

A big screen television is a critical piece of equipment for a virtual tailgate. You may want to consider upgrading your modest living room TV and invest in something to soothe your woes during quarantine.

For example, the Samsung Q900 TV comes with a big price tag at more than $5,000, but depending on your resources and how you plan to use your TV, you may feel it is worth the investment with its 8K graphics, Quantum processor and ultra viewing angle. Other high-quality televisions include the LG C8 TV, Vizio E Series TV and Sony X850G TV.

2. Count on your communications company to guide you to your games

The whole point in tailgating is to watch NFL games live at home with friends and family. You need to know how to find the game you want to watch without missing a minute. Sign on with a communication company that goes several steps beyond making all the right connections.

Find one that helps you catch live local and primetime sporting events in real-time without confusion and frustration. Some providers offer users advanced voice search capabilities. For instance, say the name of the game, team or sport you are seeking to view results, then turn to your game.

3. Rent or buy a high-quality canopy in the right size

You probably rent or buy a canopy for fall tailgating events each year to contend with inclement weather. Everyone expects cold and chill, but everyone would like to avoid adding rainfall and wet clothes to the mix.

However, when hosting a virtual tailgate at your home amid social distancing concerns, you need to consider a few extra things.

A certain number of people may fit into your home in the event of a downpour, but you may go over capacity quickly. If you rent a big canopy to cover as much of your yard as possible, it is easier to keep everyone covered and dry. Beyond keeping everyone comfortable, you want to protect your big screen TV and any other electronics you plan to keep outside during the event.

Make the most of your virtual tailgates with essential gear and resources

Complying with COVID-19 recommendations and mandates does not mean giving up celebrating your favorite sport or team. Your virtual tailgates will rival those usually held at football stadiums, and you can invest in your own gear and save some money in the long-run.

With your dream big screen TV, helpful channel guidance from your communication company and a high-quality canopy to protect it all, you may carry on virtual tailgates long after the lockdowns end.

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