How the POS Software Revolutionized the Restaurant Industry

Within the past five years, technology has created a huge impact on the restaurant industry. As eateries compete to see who can provide the best customer experience.

Fast food aficionados are accustomed to one modern form of service: Ordering food from kiosks. Ordering kiosks have received most of the restaurant tech spotlight, as it reduces human error, increases efficiency, and reduces labor costs.

While ordering kiosks are great for most fast-food restaurants, this method isn’t used in traditional style restaurants. In your local sit-down restaurant, the technology is geared towards creating a better guest experience instead of quickly getting your customers out of the door.

And here, we’ll show you how pos systems have improved the quality of restaurant service and functionality.

So let’s begin!

What is a POS System?

Before we can go in-depth on how the restaurant world has been changed by technology, its best to know what a pos system is first.

A point-of-sale system is a hardware or software that helps with customer payments and process returns or sales. In its most basic form, it’s used to help track your restaurant’s daily cash flow.

Traditionally, a handwritten receipt and the ka-ching of a cash register acted as a point of sale system. However, as retail outlets started to evolve and digitize, a myriad of new options appeared such as computer monitors with barcode scanners, customer displays, receipt printers, and cash drawers – all which take up space in your bar.

What POS is best for your business?

Think about what you’ll need a POS for, and how you’ll be using it. Do you need the ability to split customer checks or link your kitchen ordering software? Or do you have a bar where you need to process all of your drink orders at a minute’s notice? Joinposter, Torqus are good systems that could potentially aid in the success of your business.

Here are some ways how the modern pos systems are helping today’s restaurants:

Increasing profits

Restaurant POS technology gives you the potential to increase the waiter’s tips and your restaurant’s profits. One Austin restaurant called the Odd Duck used “Toast,” another widely used pos system and increased their sales up to $500,000 in one year. For waiters, they would see an increase of $7,000 in tips annually.

Also, the information that’s provided by the technology gives you valuable information to restaurants. For instance, breweries are able to track purchases of certain beers so they can know how many batches they need to order during the next cycle.

Changing hospitality

Advancements in restaurant technology have transformed the way traditional restaurants server customers, deliver food and operate a bar.

“New bar hospitality is guest first and is data-driven,” Fredette (explain role) said. “You have to speak to your customers and find out what they need. Let that tell you what technology is appropriate for you and them. What most restaurants will find that when they take a guest-first based approach, they’ll find that their guests like the technology.”


Overall, restaurants have used pos systems to help customers, manage inventory, and solve problems within the bar. By using pos software like Poster, you won’t have to worry about tips or other issues again.

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