How to Print On the Go Using the Android Printing App

Currently, the two operating systems that are ruling the world of smart cell phones are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. While the others are in the running, few can match up to the features that these two provide. Focusing on Android based phones; they offer unmatched applications and features for people on the move. From checking multiple email accounts, to social networking and chatting with friends, you may do it all.

Along with this, you may also do office work like preparing presentations, accounts, artwork and reports from your phone. And to make life easier and more convenient there is an option of using these phones for printing out documents directly at the office or at home. Anyone who has received those last minute email messages that they need to print, would know the importance of having such a kind of application on their phone.

PrinterOn - Android Printer App

Printing via the Android printing app works on the principle of Cloud system, so you need to only download the application and then get immediate access to printing documents. What it essentially does is it allows you to print directly from your Android device, on any network, from any location. This is known as Software as a Service or SaaS.

The best part is that there are a range of printers across the globe which you may access to print your documents. You may look into the directory of printers or search for a print location using a number of criteria including keyword, city or place name. You may even simply turn on the GPS function of your Android smart phone to have the printing app display a list of printers near you that you can use in order to print your document.

So therefore, whenever we want to print from our Android based device, this application will let you print all types of files from your tablet or even your smartphone. Cloud Printing supports all the popular file types including pdf, jpeg, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and txt. The app tightly integrates with the aforementioned Cloud Print service, thereby allowing you to wirelessly print all your documents.

So no matter where you are, it is very simple to print from your Android based device and you may rely on this application for any type of on-the-go printing. From brochures, to art work, menu cards, and even boarding passes, you can do it all.


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